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** Sharpen:** Set the sharpening for the texture image to none, normal, or more. You must choose normal or more if you want to use the settings on the Sharpen tab of this dialog box. If Sharpen on the General tab is set to none, those settings are ignored.
Choose Unsharp Mask (brightness only) or Unsharp Mask (all components) to set the following options:
Unsharp Masking (USM) Amount: Increases the contrast of pixels in the image. By default this is set to 100%. For high-resolution images, you can increase it to as high as 500%.
Unsharp Masking (USM) Radius: Determines the number of pixels surrounding the edge pixels that affect the sharpening. For high-resolution images, set this between 1 and 2. A lower value sharpens only the edge pixels, while a higher value sharpens a wider band of pixels.
Unsharp Masking (USM) Threshold: Determines how different the sharpened pixels must be from the surrounding area before they are considered edge pixels and are sharpened. To avoid introducing noise, experiment with values between 2 and 20. The default value of 0 sharpens all pixels in the image.