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Sketch Page Options

The following options are available at the bottom of the side menu:
Solver: When you solve on the Sketch page, Image Authoring distributes the preview material over the features you've defined so far.
Click Start each time you want to solve the sketch features for the selected object. The button name changes to Stop. When the material distribution looks correct, click Stop .
Click the Action button to use the Reset, Incremental Mode, and Set Current As Base options to periodically save your work as the baseline for a particular object. Choose Incremental Mode and create a few features. When you are completely satisfied with those features, click Set Current As Base . From then on, each time you click Reset , you start from the point at which you clicked Set Current As Base. The next time you reach a point where you are satisfied with your work, choose Set Current As Base again. Now, when you start over, you start from the new Set Current As Base point. If you don't choose Incremental Mode, you always start over from the very beginning.
** Display:** Switch between the following:
  • Normal shows the sketch lines you've added with a preview material applied.
  • Texture shows the preview material without the sketch lines.
  • Features shows the sketch lines without the preview material.
Image: Switch between the View display (the editable view) and the Render display (showing an applied material).
Origin: The choices in this drop-down list are determined by the # section of the vat.ini file. You can have a total of up to six user-defined origins, but origin 2 must always be skipped. The entry in the first position in the vat.ini file is the default choice in the drop-down list. Choose an origin from the list and define it by positioning the origin manually on the selected object. The origin value is in inches relative to the top, left corner of the texture space.
** Preview Texture:** Choose the texture for previewing your sketch work.
Preview Blend: Move the slider between Transparent and Opaque to adjust the rendering of the Preview Texture on the image.