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Creating a Feature

  1. Click the Sketch Page button to see the Sketch page (if it isn't already displayed).
  2. Make sure the Sketch object you want is selected in the [Select Object] box .
    You must choose a Sketch object. If the object you want to add sketch features to is not a Sketch object, change its object type .
  3. Make sure the object mask is complete.
  4. Make sure illumination is set for the object.
  5. Click the Add Feature tool .
  6. Choose the [Feature Type] .
  7. Position the cursor over the origin for this feature.
    If you are drawing a Warp or Weft feature, make sure you draw in the same direction as the texture direction, as this affects texture rendering.
    If you are drawing a Horizon Edge or Hidden Area feature, you may want to turn on the Snap To Mask Edges option (on the Pencil tab) so your feature line adheres to the mask edges for this object. You can choose to leave Snap To Mask Edges on Always, or only when you hold down the Shift key. You can also specify how close (in pixels) the cursor must be to the defined mask edge in order to snap to it.
  8. Hold down the mouse button and draw the feature as accurately as you can.
  9. Release the mouse button when the feature is complete.
  10. To smooth the feature (to adjust for any jerkiness in the drawing), drag the Smoothing slider (on the Pencil tab) to the right.
    Once you create a feature, you can hold down the Shift key and draw to add to that feature.