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Editing a Feature

Use the Edit Feature tool to modify any existing feature.
The feature displays vertexes (control points) and tangents. Tangents are the straight lines that extend from vertexes. Dragging the handles of a tangent changes the angle of the curve. You can drag the vertexes or tangents to change a feature's shape, and you can drag the line sections that appear between vertexes.
To Edit a Feature:
  1. Click the Sketch Page button to see the Sketch page (if it isn't already displayed).
  2. Make sure the object you want is selected in the [Select Object] box .
  3. Click the Edit Feature tool , then click the feature to edit.
    If the Add Featuretool is active, you can click the feature to edit without selecting the Edit Feature tool first.
  4. Do any of the following:
    • To add a vertex to the feature, click the feature where you want the vertex.
    • Drag the vertexes and tangents to modify the centerline of the feature. Use the arrow keys to move a vertex one pixel at a time.
If you can't see the tangent handles, check the Show Tangent Handles option. If you still cannot see the tangent handles, they may be hidden behind the vertex. Zoom in on the vertex to see them.
  • Choose a different feature type for the selected feature from the drop-down list.
  • Use the Smoothing slider to remove vertexes from the feature or add them back in. You can also remove a single vertex by selecting it and pressing the Del key or clicking Delete Vertex .
  • Reverse the selected feature by clicking Flip Feature .
  • Remove the currently selected feature by clicking Delete Feature or pressing the Del key.