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Changing the Texture Origin and Size

Define the texture origin and change the texture scale on the Sketch page with the Texture tool.
The texture origin appears as a red box:
In general, you should control texture alignment across adjacent objects by using an [Object Connector] feature. If the current object contains an Object Connector feature, you may not have to use the Texture tool. Doing so can undo your Object Connector feature work.
If the selected object appears foreshortened in the photograph, you can also adjust the texture for the foreshortening with the Texture tool. For example, if a sleeve is extended towards the camera.
To Adjust the Texture Origin and Size:
  1. On the Sketch page, make sure the object you want is selected in the [Select Object] box .
  2. Click the Texture tool .
  3. To change the texture origin, do any of the following:
    • Drag the origin to a new location.
    • Double-click where you want the origin.
    • Type new values in the Origin fields.
  4. To center the origin on the object, click the Center Origin button.
  5. To change the texture size, type new values in the Overall Size fields.
    Larger values make the pattern smaller, and vice versa.
  6. To change the resolution for the texture, select a feature line and type the actual length of the selected feature in the Selected Feature Length field.
    The pointer changes to an exclamation point when you position the mouse over the selected feature.