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The Edit Feature Tool

Use the Edit Feature tool to modify the centerline of any existing feature.
You can drag the vertexes or tangents for the feature to change its shape, and you can drag the line sections that appear between vertexes. To move a vertex one pixel at a time, use the arrow keys.
The Edit Feature tool has the following options:
  • Change Type: Lets you change the selected feature from one type to another. Choose the feature type you want from the drop-down list.
  • Smoothing: Lets you remove detail from the feature. The smoother you make the selected feature, the fewer vertexes it has. At the extreme More end, the feature contains only end points. If you edit the feature further, adding vertexes as a result of stretching the line, full detail is restored and you have to smooth the feature again.
  • Flip Feature: Reverses the selected feature. The small dot indicates a feature's end point.
  • Delete Vertex: Deletes the current vertex point, causing the line to stretch between the two surrounding vertexes instead. You can also use the Del key to delete the current vertex point.
  • Delete Feature: Deletes the current feature. You can also use the Del key to delete the current feature.
  • Show Tangents: Controls the display of the control point tangents. Tangents are the straight lines that extend from vertexes. Dragging the end points of a tangent changes the angle of the curve.