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The Profile Tool

Because sketch features are three-dimensional, each feature has a width and height, as well as a length.
When you create a feature, you drag it out to specify its length. The default width and height are determined by the feature type you chose. You can adjust the width and height of Folds, Ridges, Horizon Edges, and Object Connectors with the Profile tool.
You can adjust the width of a feature by selecting and dragging the small squares that appear on the feature when this tool is selected. To make the entire feature wider, drag the profile edge (indicated by a dashed red line) away from the centerline. If you hold down the Shift key as you do this, the width increases by a constant amount at each point along the centerline. If you don't hold down the Shift key as you drag, any zero-width regions (for example, the areas around the end points) remain at zero width.
The Profile tool has the following options:
  • Delete Profile: Deletes the current profile handle. You can also press the **Del**key to delete the currently selected handle.
  • Height/Width Ratio: Lets you change the ratio of width to height. This affects the overall steepness of the feature. You cannot adjust the height directly.
  • Feature Width Taper: Causes the ends of the current feature to become gradually less steep. You can taper the start and end of the feature independently. You determine the start and end of a feature by the direction in which you draw the feature.
  • Flip Feature: Reverses the selected feature.
  • Set Default Width: Applies the current profile settings to new instances of all features that use profiles ( Folds, Ridges, Horizon Edges, and Object Connectors). Subsequent features that use profiles will use the new width until you change it again and click this button or exit Image Authoring and restart it.