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The Texture Tool

You can define the texture origin and change the texture scale with the Texture tool.
When this tool is selected, you can change the texture origin in the following ways:
  • Drag the offset to a new location.
  • Double-click where you want the origin to be.
  • Type values in the Origin fields.
If you want to change an origin , select an origin from the drop-down list .
The Texture tool has the following options:
  • Overall Size: Lets you change the texture size by typing values in the fields provided. Larger values make the pattern smaller, and vice versa. If you check Linked, the size is adjusted proportionally.
  • Origin: Lets you set the origin by typing values.
  • Center Origin: Lets you set the origin in the center of the current object.
  • Foreshortening: Lets you adjust the texture for the current object if that object tilts towards the camera. Type the percentage in the box. You can also adjust foreshortening visually .
  • Selected Feature Length: Lets you define the resolution for the texture by specifying the actual length of the selected feature.
The pointer changes to an exclamation point when you position the mouse over the selected feature.