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Selecting a Color with a Magic Wand Tool

Although the Hue/Saturation command lets you select specific color tones, it is not always the best way to fix the color on an image.
Sometimes it is necessary to select the color to be fixed with the Magic Wand tool. It selects a consistently colored area (for example, a red flower), without your having to select that area.
After you use the Magic Wand to select a colored area, use the Similar command to find all other portions of the canvas with that color. Adjust the Tolerance option (on the Magic Wand option palette) to broaden or narrow the number of shades of that color that the Similar command recognizes.
Check the Anti-alias option when you select around a smooth edge. Anti-aliasing softens the edge and makes the tolerance less sensitive.
To Adjust the Unmasked Area Without Adjusting the Rest of the Image:
  1. Click on the unmasked area with the Magic Wand to highlight the area with the background color.
  2. Adjust the Tolerance by double-clicking the Magic Wand tool.
    Increasing the tolerance level increases the number of shades the wand selects.