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Changing Material Repeat tool options

You can change the appearance and behavior of some items in the Material Repeat tool.
To change Material Repeat tool options
  1. Click Options at the bottom of the Material Repeat tool.
  2. Change any of the following options:
    • Choose a Resampling Method. Generally, Nearest Neighbor is fastest and gives the sharpest result, but textures that use a regular, finely detailed pattern may display better using Bi-Linear filtering.
    • Under Auto-Repeat Detection, change the values to improve pattern matching. The weights you specify should match the dominant values for the texture. For example, set the Hue Weight to 0 for a monochrome pattern. Change the Distance Tolerance value to match your texture. Use a larger value for patterns with large uniform areas and a smaller value for patterns with a lot of detail.
    • Click a selection under Line Color to change the color of the lines that overlay the texture image.
    • Click a selection under Point/Tangent Color to change the color of handles and points.
    • Check the Use Xor Draw Mode option to improve performance on some systems.
  3. When you are finished, click OK .