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Using the Lighting tab

The Lighting tab lets you correct for any gradient that resulted from photographing the texture with uneven lighting.
To compensate for uneven lighting:
  1. With the image open in the Material Repeat tool in Photoshop, click the Lighting tab.
  2. Make sure the Show Single Tile option is unchecked.
  3. Click the Auto button to automatically adjust the lighting.
    If the Auto adjustment is not sufficient, you can use the Lighting tool (the gray square with blue edges) to make further adjustments. As you make adjustments, click Apply to see the results of your changes. If you don't like the result of your changes, click Reset , then click Apply to return to the initial settings.
  4. Use the following methods to adjust the lighting manually:
    ![Step Info](assets/lighting2.png)
    • Drag any edge of the tool to make the corresponding side of the image lighter or darker. Dragging outwards makes the image lighter, and dragging inwards makes it darker.
    • Drag a red point on the blue edge to adjust the lighting from the angle represented by that point.
    • Adjust the Contrast slider to change the current light angle.
    • Feather the lighting effect by choosing either or both of the directions ( Left/Right and/or Top/Bottom), then adjusting the slider to indicate the number of pixels to include in the feathering.
  5. When the lighting looks satisfactory, go on to create the final repeat .