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Questions About the 3D Modeling Page

Do I need to create 3D geometry for every vignette?

You do not need to create geometry for vignettes featuring apparel, linen, or single objects. Create geometry only if you plan to show reflections in your vignette. You cannot use 3D geometry with sketch features . Sketch features are intended for apparel images and other vignettes that contain flat objects. These features are not intended for three-dimensional objects, such as upholstered furniture.

After I create 3D geometry, what do I need to know about creating objects?

If you are creating a three-dimensional vignette, you must import the geometry on the Object page and save the vignette.

May I use 2D objects in a 3D vignette?

All objects in a 3D vignette must be created when the Type is set to 3D. While there are objects that show up for both 2D and 3D, they cannot intermix as they do not render.