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Questions About the Illumination Page

How do I create an Illumination Map?

Image Authoring creates an Illumination Map automatically when you create a vignette. You can adjust the Illumination Map for a group, sub-group, or object. You can copy the [Illumination Map] and adjust it to use multiple Illumination Maps.
You can also adjust the Illumination Map for the unmasked area before you mask objects to affect the entire vignette. Once you mask the objects within the vignette, adjusting the Illumination Map for the unmasked area changes only the unmasked area's Illumination Map and does not affect any masked objects.

Should I create my Illumination Map within Image Authoring or import a map created externally?

If you are familiar with a third-party graphics tool such as Photoshop, you may want to create the map there, then import it into Image Authoring. Photoshop offers a wider and more flexible range of tools than Image Authoring does. However, you may find that doing it in Image Authoring works fine for you. Your best bet is to try it both ways, then determine which method you prefer.

When I create an Illumination Map, how much should I brighten it?

This comes with experience. A good rule of thumb is to start with something in the middle, not too dark and not too bright. You can adjust the Illumination Map during the authoring process.

How do I delete an Illumination Map?

This can be done from the Object page.
To Delete the Illumination Map:
  1. Ctrl-click .
  2. Select the Illumination tab.
  3. Select the map to delete, click the Action button, then choose Delete .