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Questions About the Object Page

What is a hierarchy?

A hierarchy lets you organize your vignette into groups and/or sub-groups with objects in each. This organization lets you control how the vignette is rendered.

What are groups, sub-groups and objects?

A group controls or links a set of objects together.
A sub-group is a group within a group.
An object is a part of a group or sub-group. Each object is a surface area in a vignette that can be uniquely changed.
Every vignette is divided into groups containing objects. Complex vignettes require sub-grouping.
Divide a vignette into several objects if:
  • The image is typically made out of different fabrics, and/or
  • The pattern flows in different directions on different parts (objects) of the image.
Grouping aids in rendering by applying the same texture to all objects within the group with one click. A vignette's hierarchy shows all the groups, sub-groups, and objects in a window to the right of the image.

I want to create an object that can change color only (it won't use textures). Do I need to go to the Flowline Page and edit the Flowline Mesh for the object?

No. This is only necessary if you intend to apply a texture to the object. When you create an object that receives color only, select a Non-Texturable object on the Object page.

What is the difference between a Non-Texturable object and a Flowline object?

A Non-texturable object can have only solid materials/colors applied to it. Non-Texturable objects render faster and affect the performance of an Image Rendering server less than Flowline objects do.
A Flowline object can have both solid and patterned/multi-colored materials applied to it.

Can I change an object type without deleting it and starting over?

Yes. Right-click the object to change and convert it to the type of object you need. Values not associated with the new object type can be lost. For example, converting an object with a flowline mesh to a Non-texturable object loses the mesh.

Why can't I see the Illumination Map?

You can view the Illumination Map from the Illumination page by selecting Illumination as the Image option in the side menu. The Illumination Map sits behind the View image. Use the View image to do all of the work required to create a vignette.

How do I delete my Illumination Map?

This can be done from the Object page.
To Delete the Illumination Map:
  1. Ctrl-click .
  2. Select the Illumination tab.
  3. Select the map to delete, click the Action button, then choose Delete .