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Questions About Preparing Images

What is the best format to use for the image I want to model?

Image Authoring is designed to use PNG files. These files best maintain the resolution and quality of the original image. When you have finished your vignette, you can export it in a number of formats (for example, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, or flattened PSD).

Do I have to use Photoshop to prepare my image?

No. If you have photographed your products in neutral colors with no patterns, there is no need for any Photoshop work.

What size of image is best to use?

That depends on the size of the final image or vignette you want. A good rule of thumb is to use an image that is slightly larger than the image or vignette you need. When dealing with images that have complex folds and require much flowline work, work with images of 800-1500 pixels.

How do I prepare an image for dynamic rendering?

If you plan to use dynamic rendering on your website, be careful when creating the object hierarchy and be sure to export the image map using the Image Map tool on the Object page (and not the Export command). Keep your original (master) vignette.