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Questions About the Reflection Page

Do I need to create reflection for every vignette?

You do not need to create reflection for vignettes featuring apparel, linen, or single objects. Create a Reflection Map only if your vignette shows a three-dimensional scene containing reflective surfaces such as floors or countertops.

When should I create my Reflection Map?

Generate the Reflection Map after you've completed all the vignette steps except rendering. If you render your image after creating a Reflection Map, the rendering shows you the reflections.

What is the Alpha Map?

The Alpha Map determines the reflection strength. Brighter regions have stronger, sharper reflections, while darker regions have weaker, more diffused reflections. The Alpha Map shows bright and dark areas of the Reflection Map. Image Authoring creates a default Alpha Map when you use the [Map] tool . You can adjust the Alpha Map, if you like.