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Questions About the Sketch Page

Do I need to create Sketch features for every vignette?

If your vignette contains no Sketch objects, you don't need to create Sketch features. Generally, you use Sketch features for apparel and linens.

Does it matter in which direction I draw a Sketch feature?

If you are drawing a Warp or Weft feature, make sure you draw in the same direction as the texture direction, as this affects texture rendering.

I'm trying to edit a feature but I can't see the tangent handles.

If you can't see the tangent handles, check the Show Tangent Handles option. If you still cannot see the tangent handles, they may be hidden behind the vertex. Zoom in on the vertex to see them.

When I'm using the Texture tool to set the selected feature length, how can I tell which feature is selected?

The pointer changes to an exclamation point when you position the mouse over the selected feature.