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Properties of an image asset.


originalPath xsd:string
Relative path to the original file.
originalFile xsd:string
File name.
optimizedPath xsd:string
Path to the IPS-optimized image file.
optimizedFile xsd:string
The IPS-optimized image file.
maskPath xsd:string
Path of the mask of the image.
maskFile xsd:string
Filename of the mask.
width xsd:int
Image width in pixels.
height xsd:int
Image height in pixels.
fileSize xsd:int
Image size in bytes.
resolution xsd:double
Pixels per inch.
sku xsd:string
Product ID.
description xsd:string
Image description.
comments xsd:string
Comments (deprecated).
userData xsd:string
User information associated with the image (deprecated).
anchorX xsd:int
Horizontal anchor point in pixels.
anchorY xsd:int
Vertical anchor point in piexels.
urlModifier xsd:string
Image server URL parameter.
urlPostApplyModifier xsd:string
Parameters concatenated to the end of the urlModifier . Query string format list of parameters that are commands to the image server. Values are in the image server protocol guide.
zoomTargets types:ZoomTargetArray
Array of zoom targets (5 max).
masks types:MaskArray
Masks array.
imageMaps types:ImageMapsArray
Image maps array.