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Nested Image Rendering requests

For advanced applications it is possible to use the result of a render operation as a material image, just like an image obtained from Image Serving.
A render request can be used as a material image by specifying it in the src= command as follows:
…&src=ir{ *[renderRequest]*}&…
The ir token is case-sensitive.
The nested request must not include the Image Rendering root path (typically http:// *[server]*/ir/render/' ), but may include pre-processing rule tokens.
The following commands are ignored when specified in nested requests (either in the request url or in catalog::Modifier or catalog::PostModifier ):
  • fmt=
  • qlt=
  • icc=
  • iccEmbed=
  • printRes=
  • req=
  • bgc=
Also ignored are attribute::MaxPix and attribute::DefaultPix of the material catalog that applies to the nested render request.
The image result of a nested IR request can be cached optionally by including cache=on . By default, caching of intermediate data is disabled. Caching should be enabled only when the intermediate image is expected to be reused in a different request within a reasonable time period. Standard server-side cache management applies. Data is cached in a lossless format.