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Catalog attributes

The following attributes are recognized in catalog attribute files.
Catalog management
Path or name of the associated catalog data file.
Path or name of the associated vignette map file.
Path or name of the associated ICC profile map file.
Path or name of the associated macro definition file.
Path or name of the associated file that defines URL pre-processor rules.
Catalog identifier.
Root path for all source data files (vignettes, materials, and profiles).
Default modification time stamp.
Request attributes
Initial show/hide state for overlap objects.
Allow absolute src= URLs.
Root URL for relative src= URLs.
Behavior when obj= fails.
Behavior when sel= fails.
Error image or template.
Error message detail.
Server cache validation policy.
Default client cache time-to-live.
Enable Last-Modified HTTP response headers.
Web domains allowed to access swf response images.
Client IP address filter.
Default material attributes
Default advanced render settings.
Default texture/decal resolution.
Default texture/decal sharpening.
Response image attributes
Default size for reply images.
Size limit for reply images.
Resampling mode for reply image scaling.
Default sharpening for reply images.
Default format for reply images.
Default jpeg quality.
TIFF encoding format.
Color management attributes
Default RGB output color profile.
Default CMYK output color profile.
Default grayscale output color profile.
Default CMYK input color profile.
Default grayscale input color profile.
Default RGB input color profile.
Default rendering intent.
Enable/disable blackpoint compensation.
Enable/disable color conversion dithering.