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Server administration overview

This documentation explains how to administer the Scene7 Image Rendering server.
Image Rendering consists of two major components:
  • A Java package is deployed with the Image Serving Platform Server and manages client connection, caching, material catalogs.
  • A native code module is deployed as an extension library for the Image Server and implements the core image rendering functionalities.
Both components are collectively called the Render Server .
Image Rendering shares many server facilities with Image Serving, and all options are configured by editing a configuration file. Additional configuration attributes are provided by the default catalog ( default.ini) or specific material catalogs. See Material Catalogs for details.
The Image Rendering install folder ( install_folder ) is [ install_root /ImageRendering]. On Windows, the default install_root is C:\Program Files\Scene7. A different folder may be specified during installation. On Linux, install_root must always be /usr/local/scene7. Symbolic links may be used.
All file paths are case-sensitive on UNIX and case-insensitive on Windows.