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Default image modification time stamp. Provides a default value for catalog::TimeStamp.
If not specified, the server will use the modification date/time of this *`catalog`*.ini file.


Date/time value. Can be either the integer number of milliseconds since midnight, January 1, 1970 UTC/GMT or a date/time string value with one of the following formats:
mm / dd / yyyy hh : mm : ss zzz
mm / dd / yyyy hh : mm : ss GMT offset
hh is in the range 0 to 23.
zzz is a 3 or 4 character time zone code such as GMT or PST . Daylight savings time must be accounted for in the time zone code (e.g. PST for Pacific Standard Time, vs PDT for Pacific Daylight Savings Time).
offset is a time zone offset in hours or hours:minutes, relative to GMT. For example, PDT is equivalent to GMT -7 .
All elements of string formatted date/time values must be present. If the date/time value is not formatted correctly it is ignored and the modification time of the *`catalog`*.ini file is used instead.


If empty or not defined, the server uses the file modification time of this * catalog *.ini file.