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Layer origin.
origin= * coord *
originN= * coordN *
Pixel offset from the top-left corner of the layer rect (int, int).
Normalized offset from the center of the layer rect (real, real).
The layer rect always includes any modification by extend= .
Defines the alignment point of the layer rectangle, which is used to position the layer rectangle relative to layer 0 via pos= . originN=0,0 positions the layer origin at the center of the layer rectangle. originN=-0.5,-0.5 and origin=0,0 is the top-left corner, and originN=0.5,0.5 is the bottom-right corner of the layer rectangle.


Layer attribute. Applies to the current layer or to layer 0 if layer=comp . Not affected by layer transforms ( crop= , scale= , rotate= , flip= ) applied to the layer source. Overrides anchor= . Ignored by effect layers.


If origin= is not specified, the layer origin is determined by applying the layer transforms to the image anchor. If the image anchor is not known, the center of the layer rectangle ( originN=0,0 ) is used.


See Example A in Templates .

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