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Layer image.
src= * object *|{[is|ir|fxg]'{' * nestedRequest *'}'}
Image object.
Nested Image Serving, Image Rendering, or external request.


Specifies the source image for an image layer.
object may be either a catalog entry or an image/SVG file.
See object .
Nested or embedded requests are enclosed by curly braces. Prefix an embedded Image Serving request with is , an embedded Image Rendering request with ir , and an FXG graphics render request with fxg . A request to a foreign server is assumed if no prefix is specified.
FXG graphics rendering is available only in the Scene7 hosted environment and may require additional licensing. Contact Scene7 Support for more information.


Layer attribute. Applies to layer=0 if layer=comp . Mutually exclusive with text= and textPs= in the same layer; the last occurrence of either text= , textPs= , or src= prevails and determines whether this is an image or a text layer. Ignored by effect layers.
* object *may not resolve to another catalog record which includes a src= or mask= command in its catalog::Modifier . (Use request nesting to achieve a similar effect.)
The is , ir , and fxg prefixes are case-sensitive.


For layer 0 the object from the path component of the URL is used if src= is not specified. No default value for other layers.