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Layer text. Specifies text and formatting content for a text layer.
text= * string *
Rich-text-formatted (RTF) string or plain-text string.
All font, font color, and paragraph formatting control is achieved using RTF commands. Refer to Text Formatting for additional information.
text= supports automatic scaling of the text to fill the layer rectangle specified with size= .
See textAttr= .
text= supports automatic sizing of the text layer to fit the rendered text (when size= is not specified or when only the width is specified). Note that in this case only one of the RTF alignment commands \ql , \qr , and \qc may be applied; an error is returned otherwise.


Layer attribute. Applies to layer=0 if layer=comp . Mutually exclusive with src= and textPs= in the same layer; the last occurrence of text= , textPs= , and src= prevails and determines whether this is an image or a text layer. Ignored by effect layers.




See the examples in Text Formatting and Example A in Templates .