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Text path. Specifies the path to be used as the baseline for the text provided with textPs=.
textPath= pathDefinition
Path data.
See clipPath= for additional information, including a description of pathDefinition .
Different from clipPath= , text paths are not closed automatically when 'z' or 'Z' is not specified at the end of a sub-path.
pathDefinition may include multiple sub-paths. Text is rendered on the sub-paths in the order specified.
The RTF commands \ql , \qc , \qr , \li , and \ri can be used to position the rendered text along the path.


Text layer attribute ( textPs= only). Ignored by other layers. Applies to layer=0 if specified for layer=comp . Ignored if textPs= are present.
An error is returned if a layer includes both textPath= and textFlowPath= .


None, for standard text rendering.