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Color handling

The RTF specification permits RGB color values specified with \colortbl . Each component is provided separately with the \red , \green , and \blue commands.
The proprietary RTF extension command \cmykcolortbl allows specifying CMYK colors, with each color component provided with the \cyan , \magenta , \yellow , and \black commands.
Color component values for \colortbl are in the range 0 to 255. Component values for \cmykcolortbl are in the range 0 to 100.
The RTF extension command *\iscolortbl , supported by textPs= , provides a way to specify a color table with standard Image Serving color values, with full RGB, gray, CMYK and alpha support. It has the following syntax:
{\*\iscolortbl; *[colors]*;}
colors one or more IS color values, separated with ';'
More than one type of color table may be specified in the same text= or textPs= RTF string. Each color table can have a different number of entries. Image Serving will attempt to find colors in this order: \iscolortbl before \cmykcolortbl (only if the pixel type of the text layer is CMYK) before \colortbl . For textPs= only, colors are accurately converted between CMYK and RGB, if so required (e.g. when RGB colors are specified but CMYK output is required). If no color for a particular index value is found, the default color (black) is used.
Refer to color for a description of the syntax of IS color values.


text= does not support *\iscolortbl . textPs= does not support \cmykcolortbl .
Color selections are ignored when rendering Photofonts.


Allow three text colors to be controlled with variables, while still displaying the color default value when the RTF string is opened in a standard RTF text editor.