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vntc generates text data which is sent either to stderr or the log file.
The data is formatted as one name=value property per text record. String values are not quoted. Warning and error messages are always sent to stderr , even if -log is specified.
Certain properties can occur multiple times in the same output. A sequence number, starting with 0, is appended to the name of these properties, separated by a period. Such properties are identified below with a . * n * suffix after the property name.
The following properties are generated:
bgc= ival , ival , ival
The RGB background color of the cabinet style. Cabinet styles only.
defaultFileVersion= ival
The default output file version. Also the highest file version number this release of vntc can generate.
error. n = string
Error message. Presence of error messages typically indicate that either no output file(s) are created or that they are not suitable for use by Image Rendering.
file. n = string
The fully qualified path/name of all output files, including vignettes, cabinet style files, full resolution images, and thumbnail images. One file attribute is present for each generated file (except the log file).
glass= ival
ival is 1 if the cabinet includes glass doors, 0 otherwise. Cabinet styles only.
iccProfile= string
The name of the iccProfile embedded in the sourceFile .
Empty if sourceFile is not color-managed. Vignettes only.
info. n = string
Informational message, such as progress information.
sourceIsMaster= ival
ival is 1 if sourceFile is a master vignette, 0 if it has been processed previously with vnUpdate or vntc . Vignettes only.
master= ival
ival is 0 if sourceFile is a cabinet style containing JPEG image data (a warning is also output in this case), 1 otherwise. Cabinet and window covering style files only.
maxMem= string
The maximum memory limit that applies to the running vntc process. string is either ival , ivalK , ivalM , ivalG , or 0 (disabled). Where K , M , and G refer to Kilobytes (1024 bytes), Megabytes (1048576 bytes), and Gigabytes (1073741824 bytes).
maxScl= ival
Scale of the lowest resolution pyramid level in the output vignette. Only present if -pyramid is specified.
numMaterials= ival
The number of materials saved in the sourceFile . Vignettes only.
numPanels= ival
The number of panel images in this cabinet style file. Cabinet styles only.
numViews= ival
The number of pyramid levels in the output vignette. Only present if -pyramid is specified. Vignettes only.
pyramid= ival
0 if either the source or destination vignette has pyramid structure. Vignettes only.
resolution= val
For cabinet styles, the object resolution of the sourceFile . For vignettes, this is the recommended material resolution for best quality render results when rendering the output vignette. Pixels/inch (ppi).
resolution.min= val
The smallest object resolution in the output vignette. Vignettes only.
resolution.avg= val
The average object resolution in the output vignette. Vignettes only.
sourceFile= string
The fully qualified sourceFile path.
sourceFileVersion= ival
The file version of sourceFile .
sourceSize= ival , ival
The pixel size of the input vignette, the default panel image in a cabinet style file, or the first opacity image of a window covering style file.
style= string
The type of window covering (window covering styles only):
  • 0=horizontal shade or blinds
  • 1=vertical blinds
  • 2=full-width short curtains
  • 3=left/right short drapes
  • 4=full-width full-length curtains
  • 5=left/right full-length drapes
  • 6=café curtain
  • 7=valance
suffix= string
vnt if sourceFile is a vignette, vnc if sourceFile is a cabinet style, or vnw if sourceFile is a window covering style.
targetFileVersion= ival
The value specified with -version , or the value of defaultFileVersion if -version was not specified.
targetSizes= ival , ival *[, ival , ival ]
Comma-separated list of the pixel sizes of the all views in the output vignette (the full-resolution view for pyramid vignettes), of the default panel image in a cabinet style file, or of the first opacity image of a window covering style file.
texturable= ival
ival is 1 if the cabinet style is texturable, 0 otherwise. Not present for vignettes and window coverings style files.
warning. n = string
Warning message (such as when -imagemap is specified but no map data is found in the vignette).