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Assistive technology support

All viewer components support ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications) roles and attributes to improve integration with assistive technologies such as screen readers.
The top-level viewer element has role region and aria-label attribute set by default to the name of the viewer. You can control the label with the Container.LABEL localization symbol.
The main view has role application . A brief description of the main view is provided in aria-roledescription , with the value defined by the ROLE_DESCRIPTION localization symbol of the corresponding main view component. Navigation hints for keyboard users are provided using aria-describedby , the text for the usage hint comes from the USAGE_HINT localization symbol. If an asset has a label defined in the UserData field, the aria-label attribute is set with the value of such label.
Components that display swatches have the role listbox with aria-label attribute set to the value of the LABEL localization symbol of that component. Individual swatches have the role option with aria-setsize and aria-posinset attributes to describe the swatch position in the set. If a swatch is selected it gets the aria-selected attribute set to true .