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class s7vampy.image.Image(image)

Represents an image that is loaded into memory.
Images are immutable. All Image methods and properties either return information about the image or return a new image instance.
Images are either loaded into memory using the [s7vampy.open_image()](../../../c-s7vampy-api-reference/c-functions/ function or when an image is referenced that is stored in a vignette.
has_alpha [bool, read-only]
Presence of an alpha channel.
name [str, read-only]
Name of the image.
save(filename, fmt)
  • filename(str)
    Name of the exported file.
  • fmt(str)
    Image file format (' BMP ', ' JPEG ', ' PNG ', or ' TIFF ')
Save image to disk.
Export images stored in a vignette to disk. Currently the BMP, JPEG, PNG, and TIFF file formats are supported. The format string is not case sensitive.
size [tuple, read-only]
Size in pixels (width, height).