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class s7vampy.path.Contour

Contours contain a series of connected line segments.
A contour can be closed (where the last point equals the first point), or remain open.
Contours are continuous, meaning that there are no gaps from one segment to another.
Contours should never be created directly. Instead, use the Path class to build them. Contours are typically modified using the Path class.
The Contour class provides the following capabilities:
  • len(contour) that returns the number of segments.
  • An iterator that iterates over the segments.
  • An index operator that finds a line segment by index.
append ( * segment *)
segment ( Segment )
Segment instance.
Append a segment to the list.
close ()
Close the contour.
closed [bool, read-only]
Check if the contour is closed.