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class s7vampy.view.View(view)

Each master vignette has one view associated with it. The view provides the view image and illumination maps associated with the vignette.
The vignette view either already exists when a vignette is opened, or it is automatically created when a vignette is created by the [s7vampy.create_vignette()](../../../c-s7vampy-api-reference/c-functions/ function using the provided view image.
Note that a view must have at least one illumination map associated with it. If that's not the case, the [](../../../c-s7vampy-api-reference/c-classes/c-vignette/ method raises an exception.
alternative_shader [bool]
Alternative shader.
The alternative shader is turned on by default. It is recommended to leave the alternative shader on.
default_print_resolution [float]
Default print resolution.
default_texture_resolution [float]
Default texture resolution.
The default texture resolution setting is used when new surface objects are created.
gloss_effects [bool]
Gloss effects. Extrapolate or interpolate illumination based on gloss.
Gloss effects is turned on by default when a new vignette is created.
illum [s7vampy.illum.IlluminationMaps]
Global illumination maps ( [s7vampy.illum.IlluminationMaps](../../../c-s7vampy-api-reference/c-classes/c-illumination-maps/ ).
Use this property to define one or more global illumination maps for the view.
image [s7vampy.image.Image, read-only]
Vignette view image ( [s7vampy.image.Image](../../../c-s7vampy-api-reference/c-classes/c-classes-image/ ).
name [str]
Name of the view.
size [tuple, read-only]
Vignette view image size in pixels (width, height).