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Flat Objects

Use these steps to associate data with flat objects.
  1. Set the perspective quadrilateral.
  2. Set the texture direction (optional).
    Step Result The perspective quadrilateral is first created as a path with four line segments. The script provides the size of the quadrilateral in inches so a texture or decal can be scaled appropriately when applied during rendering.
The initial direction of the texture on a flat object is from the first point to the second point of the quadrilateral. This can be changed if needed.
>>> from s7vampy import *
>>> v = create_vignette(open_image("view-image.png"))
>>> v.view.illum[0] = open_image("view-illum.png")
>>> group = v.objects.add_group("group")
>>> obj = group.add_flat_object("obj", open_image("obj-mask.png"))
>>> quad = create_path()
>>> quad.moveto(50,50)
>>> quad.rlineto(100,0)
>>> quad.rlineto(0,100)
>>> quad.rlineto(-100,0)
>>> quad.close()
>>> obj.set_perspective(quad,5,5)
>>> obj.rotate = 90
This script adds a new flat object that is defined by the mask `obj-mask` and the perspective quad, which is a rectangle at (50, 50) with a width and height of 100. 

The texture direction, as defined by rotate, is a clockwise angle relative to the left-to-right direction. Setting the texture direction to 90 degrees flows the texture from top to bottom.