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Camera Raw support

The Camera Raw package enables support for various raw file formats, such as .CR2, .NEF, .RAF, and so on. The Camera Raw functionality is supported in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Assets to render your assets in JPEG format. The supported pacakge is available at .
To enable Camera Raw support in Assets, follow these steps:
  1. Based on the AEM version and the operating system, download the appropriate Camera Raw package and install it:
Supported Platforms
Package Share Link
Supported AEM Versions
Windows 64 Bit, Mac OS, RHEL 7.x
6.3, 6.4
Windows 64 Bit, Mac OS, RHEL 7.x
Windows 64 Bit, Mac OS, RHEL 7.x
  1. Access https://[AEM server]:[Port]/workflow . Open the DAM Update Asset workflow.
  2. Open the Process Thumbnails step.
  3. Provide the following configuration in the Thumbnails tab:
    • Thumbnails: 140:100:false, 48:48:false, 319:319:false
    • Skip Mime Types: skip:image/dng, skip:image/x-raw-(.*)
  4. In the Web Enabled Image tab, specify the following:
    • Skip List: audio/mpeg, video/(.*), image/dng, image/x-raw-(.*)
  5. From SideKick, add the Camera Raw/DNG Handler step below the Thumbnail creation step.
  6. In the Camera Raw/DNG Handler step, provide the following configuration in the Arguments tab:
    Mime Types: image/dng, image/x-raw-(.*)
    • DAM_Raw_Converter ${directory}/${filename} ${directory} cq5dam.web.1280.1280.jpeg 1280 1280
    • DAM_Raw_Converter ${directory}/${filename} ${directory} cq5dam.thumbnail.319.319.jpeg 319 319
    • DAM_Raw_Converter ${directory}/${filename} ${directory} cq5dam.thumbnail.140.100.jpeg 140 100
    • DAM_Raw_Converter ${directory}/${filename} ${directory} cq5dam.thumbnail.48.48.jpeg 48 48
  7. Click Save .
    You can now import camera raw files into AEM Assets. After you install the Camera RAW package and configure the required workflow, Image Adjust option appears in the list of panes.
    Click Image Adjust from the list and use the options in the Image Adjust pane to make lightweight edits to your image.
After saving the edits to a Camera Raw image, a new rendition AdjustedPreview.jpg is generated for the image. For other image types except Camera Raw, the changes are reflected in all the renditions.

Best practices, known issues, and limitations

The functionality has the following limitations:
  • The functionality supports only JPEG renditions. It is supported on Windows 64 Bit, Mac OS, and RHEL 7.x.
  • Metadata writeback is not supported for RAW and DNG formats.
  • The Camera Raw library has limitations around the total pixels it can process at a time. Currently, it can process a maximum of 1073741824 (1024 x 1024 x 1024) pixels.