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Keyboard Shortcuts when Editing Pages

Various keyboard shortcuts are available throughout AEM. Some apply when editing pages, others to the use of consoles .
The modifier keys required for AEM keyboard shortcuts vary depending on operating system.

Editing Keyboard Shortcuts

|Location|Shortcut|Description| |-|-|-| |Any edit window mode| Ctrl-Shift-m |Toggle between Preview and the currently selected mode (e.g. Edit , Layout , etc)*| | Edit mode| Ctrl-z | Undo last change | || Ctrl-y | Redo last change | || Ctrl-Click |Select multiple paragraphs| || Ctrl-c |Copy selected paragraph(s)| || Ctrl-x |Cut selected paragraph(s), (cut paragraphs will not disappear in the UI until it is pasted)| || Ctrl-v |Paste paragraph(s) previously cut or copied| || Ctrl-Backspace |Delete selected paragraph(s)| | Edit mode - Rich Text Editor| Ctrl-b |Bold| || Ctrl-I |Italic| || Ctrl-u |Underline|
* Once the user starts to interact with the page in Preview Mode, the Ctrl-Shift-m shortcut is no longer available. The user must click on the top editor bar or go back to the Edit mode for the shortcut to once again become available.
Various keyboard shortcuts are also available for desktop users when using the consoles .
Editor keyboard shortcuts are always active regardless if the console shortcuts have been deactivated .

OS-Specific Modifier Keys

The modifier keys used for the keyboard shortcuts vary depending on the operating system used by the client.
|Windows and Linux|macOS| |-|-| | Ctrl | Command | | Alt | Option |