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Catalog Essentials

This page provides the essential information for working with the catalog feature of enablement community sites.
The catalog feature, when included in a community site, allows community members to browse and select enablement resources listed in a catalog.
The enablement catalog allows community members to access a catalog of enablement resources . The use of AEM tags is an important part of managing the appearance of enablement resources in a catalog.

Essentials for Client-Side

resourceType social/enablement/components/hbs/catalog
includable No
templates /libs/social/enablement/components/hbs/catalog/catalog.hbs
css /libs/social/enablement/components/hbs/catalog/clientlibs/catalog.css
properties See Catalog Feature

Essentials for Server-Side

Catalog Function

A community site structure that includes the Catalog function , includes a configured enablement catalog component.


When a Catalog function has been added to a community site, it is possible to restrict the enablement resources and learning paths which appear in the catalog by specifying a pre-filter. This is done by setting properties on the instance of the catalog resource for the site.
Using the example of the Enablement Tutorial :
  • On author
  • Using CRXDE
  • Navigate to the catalog resource on the catalog page
    • For example, /content/sites/enable/en/catalog/jcr:content/content/primary/catalog
  • Add a child filters node
    • Select the catalog node
    • Select Create Node
      • Name: filters
      • Type: nt:unstructured
    • Select Save All
  • Add se_resource-tags property to the filters node
    • Select the filters node
    • Add a Multi property
      • Name: se_resource-tags
      • Type: String
      • Value: <enter a TagID >
      • Select Multi
      • Select Add
        • In popup dialog, select + to add additional pre-filter TagIDs
  • Re-publish the community site

Pre-filter TagIDs

The pre-filter TagIDs must exactly match the tags applied to the enablement resources. These are visible in the resources folder for the site as the values of the property se_resource-tags .