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E-Commerce Repository Restructuring in AEM 6.4

As described on the parent Repository Restructuring in AEM 6.4 page, customers upgrading to AEM 6.4 should use this page to assess the work effort associated with repository changes impacting the AEM E-Commerce Solution. Some changes require work effort during the AEM 6.4 upgrade process, while others can be deferred until a 6.5 upgrade.

With 6.4 Upgrade

Product, Order, Collections, Classifications, Shipping Methods and Payment Methods Data

Previous location
New location(s)
Restructuring guidance
You can use a Lazy Migration task to migrate E-Commerce data.
It performs the following steps:
  • adjusts references to old location to point to new location
  • moves content from old location to new location
  • removes old location to eventually activate the usage of new location in the whole system
The locations covered by the task are:
  • /etc/commerce/products
  • /etc/commerce/collections
  • /etc/commerce/orders
  • /etc/commerce/payment-methods
  • /etc/commerce/shipping-methods
For larger catalogs it is recommanded to run the commerce migration task individually by passing the following Java system property to AEM:
propertyname: com.adobe.upgrade.forcemigration
property value:
After migration AEM needs a restart.
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