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The following checklist highlights some of the main issues - please read the other sections related to Testing for full details.
|Check|Response|Action|Owner|Due| |-|-|-|-|-| |Has a clear, regular reporting mechanism been set up?||||| |Are key players (from the testing team) involved in the status meetings?||||| |Are the testing responsibilities clearly defined (in particular for the customer)?||||| |Does the customer have the necessary experience to fulfil their testing commitments?||||| |Have all tools (testing and tracking) been selected?||||| |Have the above tools been installed and users (primarily the project team) trained as necessary?||||| |Has a clear, comprehensive test plan been formulated?||||| |Has the test plan been reviewed by the appropriate parties?||||| |Have the acceptance tests been clearly defined?||||| |Have the acceptance tests been officially accepted by all parties?|||||
You can also see the Managing Projects - Best Practices Checklist for further checklists related to the entire project.