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Searching for process instances

Use the Process Search page to enter search criteria for finding a process instance. You can access the Process Search page from the forms workflow page or by clicking Search on the Process Instance page.
You can enter basic criteria to perform a general search, specific attributes to perform a detailed search, or a combination of basic criteria and specific attributes to perform a combined search.

Perform a detailed search for a process

You can enter specific attributes to perform a detailed search. A detailed search is most appropriate if you have many process instances running and you need to narrow the possible finds by certain criteria.
  1. In administration console, click Services > Forms workflow > Process Search.
  2. On the Process Search page, under Detailed Search, specify your first criteria set:
    • In the Attribute list, select an attribute.
    • In the Filter list, select an operator.
    • In the Value box, type a value appropriate to the attribute you selected.
  3. To add another row, select More Filters. Another set of Attribute, Filter, and Value lists appears, as well as a Condition list.
  4. Under Condition, select AND or OR. Repeat steps 1 - 3 as required to narrow your search further.
  5. To add or remove rows, click More Filters or Fewer Filters. You can have from one to four rows.
  6. Click Search. The Process Instance page appears, listing the found instances.

Perform a combined search for a process

To create a search based on both a general search and a detailed search, with an implied AND between the areas, enter your search criteria in both the General Search and Detailed Search areas on the Process Search page.
If the search is too narrow, no instances will be found.