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Getting started with AEM Forms workspace

You can use AEM Forms workspace to perform the following tasks:
  • Start a business process
  • View and act upon tasks that are assigned to you or to other To-do lists that you have access to
  • Track tasks that are part of the processes you started or participated in

Using AEM Forms workspace with screen readers

AEM Forms workspace is a web-based HTML application and is compatible with screen readers. You can navigate through the AEM Forms workspace interface by using the keyboard.
To use AEM Forms workspace with a screen reader, keep in mind these points:
  • AEM Forms workspace is a standard HTML application that complies with any standard screen reader tool. You do not need any specific script to run a screen reader tool.
  • All the navigation in AEM Forms workspace is through anchor tags, which can easily be accessed through tabs.
  • Forms can take a few seconds to load. The screen reader does not audibly inform you that the form is loading and that you must wait.

Managing preferences

You can set the various AEM Forms workspace preferences in the following categories:
Out of Office: Set preferences to control how tasks are assigned to other people while you are out of the office. See Setting out-of-office preferences .
Queues: Set preferences for sharing your To-do list with other users or for requesting access to another user’s list. See Working with tasks from group and shared queues .
UI Settings: Set preferences for how you interact with AEM Forms workspace. See Set user interface preferences .

Set user interface preferences

Set the user interface preferences in the Preferences > UI Settings tab. The following preferences are available.
  • Start Location: Specifies the page that appears when you log in to AEM Forms workspace. The four available options are Start Process, To Do, Tracking, and Favorites.
  • Logout Prompt: Specifies whether you are prompted to confirm that you want to log out after you click Log Out.
  • Date Format: Specifies the date display format used across AEM Forms workspace.
  • Time Format : Specifies the time display format used across AEM Forms workspace.
  • Notify Task Events via Email: Specifies whether you receive email notifications for task events, including task assignments, reminders, and deadlines for tasks in your To-do list and in group To-do lists that you belong to.
  • Attach Forms in Email: Specifies whether a copy of the form is attached to email notification messages. Attachments are supported only for PDF and XDP forms.
  • Save draft periodically: Specifies whether your form drafts are auto-saved periodically or not. To save your drafts periodically, enable this option and set the auto-save duration from 1 to 30 minutes. When auto-save is enabled and a user is working on a draft, the draft is saved periodically after the specified number of minutes. The draft is auto-saved only when there is a change in the draft since the last save or auto-save. When the draft is saved, an alert message appears on the screen.