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Cloud Configuration

Adobe recommends using the SPA Editor for projects that require single page application framework-based client-side rendering (e.g. React). Learn more .
Associating an On-Demand App to a Cloud Configuration allows Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) to communicate directly with a Mobile On-Demand hosted project by establishing a two way link. By linking your app to a Mobile On-Demand project, you will be able to perform content creation, such as articles, banners, and collections within AEM, but also serve that content to Mobile On-Demand.
From there, publishing, previewing, and managing content becomes possible. You can also import existing Mobile On-Demand content into AEM and perform content editing.

Setting Up Cloud Configuration

Before you start configuring cloud configuration for your On-Demand app, you must be familiar with AEM Mobile Provisioning and Configuring AEM Mobile On-Demand Services Client.
For details, See Setting up AEM Mobile On-Demand Services in the Administering section.
To configure Mobile On-Demand Cloud Services, click the top gear on the top right corner of the Manage Connection tile from your app dashboard.
You should be familiar with the app dashboard and the tiles available. See AEM Mobile Application Dashboard for more details.

The Next Steps

Once you have configured cloud configuration for your app, See the following resources for managing content: