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AEM 6.4 Service Pack Release Notes

Release Information

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) 6.4
Service Pack Release
March 05, 2020
Download URL
AEM on Software Distribution

What's included in AEM

AEM is an important update that includes new features, key customer requested enhancements and performance, stability, security improvements, released since the general availability of AEM 6.4 in April 2018.
It is also cumulative which means that includes all AEM 6.4 service packs released before it.
Some key highlights of this service pack release are:
  • The built-in repository (Apache Jackrabbit Oak) is updated to version 1.8.20.
  • Word wrap functionality is supported for Japanese websites in WCM-RTE.
  • Word break and line break processing are supported for Japanese websites.
  • Added support to use BUNSETSU method to break Japanese language sentence and lines at appropriate positions.
  • CCR UI for correspondence management now supports decimal values for German locale.
  • Form data model integration using SOAP web service now supports choice groups or attributes on elements.
  • AEM Assets is now configured with Brand Portal through Adobe I/O.
  • Updated the jQuery version bundled in ContextHub to 3.2.1.

List of changes


  • When a URL of an AEM Sites pages contains a colon or percentage symbol, the underlying browser stops responding and CPU cycles show a spike (NPR-32368, NPR-31917).
  • When an AEM Sites page is opened for editing and a component is copied, the paste action remains unavailable for some placeholders (NPR-32328).
  • Request for activation workflow does not include referenced assets (NPR-32304).
  • When a Blueprint is created, if the number of records is more than 80, only the first 80 records are displayed. Blueprint displays blank lines for the rest of the records (NPR-32058).
  • Users are allowed to save a Content Fragment without providing any information in the required fields (NPR-31988).
  • Automatic navigation does not work for path configured in a Core Experience Fragment Component (NPR-31921).
  • When you change the type of a table cell in Rich Text Editor (RTE), the below error occurs: Error: No common ancestor found, cannot continue (NPR-31916).
  • When content is moved within the same folder, the page move option is disabled (NPR-31841).
  • Added support to divide Japanese language sentences using the BUNSETSU method and break lines at the appropriate position (NPR-31836).
  • When you edit a hyperlink in Rich Text Editor (RTE), the newly selected path is not saved (NPR-31659).
  • When you delete a multifield component and undo the deletion, the component is restored but data is not restored (NPR-31617).


  • A folder with no name gets created in SPS (Scene7 Publishing System) while moving an asset from one folder to another in Experience Manager with Dynamic Media Scene7 configuration (NPR-32440).
  • Assets detail page of PDF files do not show action buttons in Experience Manager running on Dynamic Media Scene7 mode (NPR-32316).
  • Asset and video renditions cannot be deleted (NPR-32213).
  • Calendar icon for activation scheduled is not showing in Status column (in Classic UI of DAM asset listing) for assets the activation of which is scheduled for a later date and time (NPR-32198).
  • Relationship of assets gets overwritten when assets are related to more than one assets using Other (NPR-32196).
  • Save button does not import Remote Set when user has not made any changes in Set Editor in Dynamic Media Client (NPR-32178).
  • PSD asset ingestion causes CPU spike and unresponsive Experience Manager Author instance (NPR-32165).
  • Out of Memory exception observed when a large ZIP file is uploaded in Experience Manager DAM (NPR-32155).
  • Version history URLs are displayed under Referenced By field on assets Property page (NPR-31889).
  • Unpublish from Brand Portal, on Manage Publication page, fails for sub-folders of a published folder (NPR-31835).
  • Dynamic Media video encodes fail to upload when Scene7 Cloud Configuration is placed in a private folder /conf instead of /conf/global (NPR-31779).
  • Image is not seen on the timeline after annotations are added, on Experience Manager running on Dynamic Media Scene7 run mode (NPR-31754).
  • ZIP file downloaded from DAM can't be opened using WinZip (NPR-31745).


  • The Company and Reporting Suite drop-down menus are hidden once Reporting Source is selected while configuring Adobe Analytics in Experience Manager cloud services (NPR-31729).
  • Adobe Campaign properties are not cleaned up when language copy of a newsletter linked to an Adobe Campaign is made, whereas clean up happens when a newsletter linked to an Adobe Campaign is copied or pasted (NPR-32540).
  • ReportSuitesServlet is vulnerable to SSRF (NPR-32161).


  • Non-deterministic shadowing of resource observation is not working (CQ-4286466).


  • Create button is not visible to the user even if the user has permission to create project in the sub-folder (NPR-31831).
  • The functionality to switch between Card View, List View and Calendar View is not working after selecting Calendar view in Projects (NPR-31829).


  • Translation project creation for multiple languages generates the project only for some of the languages instead of all and an error (resource resolver is already closed) is observed in the log (NPR-32212).


  • Permission issues lead to display of errors while moving pages within a blueprint (NPR-32610).

WCM-Page Editor

  • The browser stops responding while trying to add a component to a page with a specific URL format (NPR-32368, NPR-31917).

WCM-Admin UI

  • Manage publication does not include referenced assets in the request for activation workflow (NPR-32304).


  • Unable to update the group thumbnail image for groups (NPR-32603).

Brand Portal

  • Unpublish metadata schema in AEM Assets populates an error message although the schema is removed at backend (CQ-4286871).

Foundation UI

  • Invalid characters display in the URL added to a Button component (NPR-32684).


AEM Service Pack does not include fixes for AEM Forms. They are delivered using a separate Forms add-on package. In addition, a cumulative installer is released that includes fixes for AEM Forms on JEE. For more information, see Install AEM Forms add-on package and Install AEM Forms JEE installer .
  • Designer: If the tagging option is enabled, the subform border disappears in the generated PDF output (NPR-32546, NPR-32322).
  • Designer: If there are merged cells in a table, the accessibility test fails for the output PDF file converted from an XDP form using the output service (NPR-32079).
  • Document Security: A protected PDF file fails to open offline with DisableGlobalOfflineSynchronizationData option set to True (NPR-32080).
  • Document Security: Issues while opening a protected PDF file after upgrading from ES4 to AEM 6.3 (NPR-32170).
  • Document Services: An error message displays while trying to convert a PDF file to a PDF/A document using the toPDFA conversion method (NPR-32663).
  • Document Services: An exception displays while applying Reader Extensions service on a PDF file (NPR-32639).
  • Document Services: An error message displays while assembling and converting XDP files to PDF files (NPR-31821).
  • Analytics do not display appropriate results on submitting or abandoning forms on a Sites page (NPR-31359).

Hotfixes and Feature Packs included in previous Service Packs


AEM is an important update that includes performance, stability, security and key customer fixes and enhancements released since the general availability of AEM 6.4 in April 2018.
It is also cumulative which means that includes all AEM 6.4 service packs release before it.
Some of the key highlights of AEM are:
  • The built-in repository (Apache Jackrabbit Oak) is updated to version 1.8.17.
  • Added support to set version of a Sites page while deleting it.
  • New column for created date, which is sortable, has been added in DAM list view and on asset search results in List view (NPR-31311).
  • Asset sorting based on Name column has been allowed in List view.
  • Batch size and workflow step timeout for Reprocess and Batch Upload are now configurable from UI in Dynamic Media.
  • The pdfBrochure has been set to false in Scene 7 cloud configuration, to save memory at IPS.
Product enhancements
  • The export version of API package package supported by dam-handler bundle is upgraded to 6.0.0 (CQ-4279059). If you are using the package in your custom implementation, then it is advised that you compile your dam-handler bundle with the latest uber jar.
  • New column for created date, which is sortable, has been added in DAM list view and on asset search results in list view (NPR-31311).
  • Asset sorting based on Name column has been allowed in List view (NPR-31299).
  • Metadata for some PDF documents is not updated and saved to the PDF on modifying its title (NPR-31575).
  • Assets with '+' symbol in the filename cannot be deleted (NPR-30588).
  • DAM folder properties do not show the added users or groups (created by LDAP sync) in Closed User Groups (NPR-30555).
  • Special characters occurring in the Subject line of Email Templates are not shown properly (NPR-30547).
  • Asset names are changed to lower case when moving assets from one folder to another in AEM running on Dynamic Media Scene 7 runmode (NPR-31631).
  • Names of the imageset are changed to lower case in Scene 7, when imageset (or mediaset) is created and named with appropriate naming convention in DAM (NPR-31576).
  • Dynamic Media Encode Video workflow is failing to generate thumbnail for the video that is migrated from Scene 7 to Dynamic Media - Scene 7 run mode (NPR-31523).
  • Internal Server Error is observed while using filter to search for Sets, in AEM running on Dynamic Media - Scene 7 runmode (NPR-31388).
  • Error is observed while editing a remote imageset, for the image residing in the folder named same as Scene 7 company name (NPR-31347).
  • Assets containing references are not getting published (DM) (NPR-31179).
  • The expiration (client cache time to live) value configured for Dynamic Media Hybrid mode is not replicated to the Dynamic Media delivery environment (NPR-31126).
  • Uploads from AEM Dynamic Media - Scene 7 runmode to Scene 7 are taking too long to complete (NPR-30926).
  • After creating a page having Dynamic Media component while publishing the same, from author instance running on Dynamic Media - Scene 7 runmode, user is prompted to publish the dmscene7 configuration (NPR-30880).
  • Value of the "asset" parameter in viewer embed code stays unchanged after changing the values in "Title after move" and "Name after move" field on Dynamic Media - Scene 7 (NPR-30745).
  • Touch UI search (done through Omnisearch) results page automatically scrolls up and loses user's scroll position (NPR-31306).
  • DAM Event Purge deletes the latest (maxSavedActivities) event data and holds the data created earlier (NPR-30870).
  • Asset title and name change not persisted after move operation to a destination folder that triggers infinite scrolling while selecting it (NPR-30647).
  • Collections are removed from the view on applying any filter in AEM Assets accessed from Adobe Asset Link (CQ-4280534).
  • Batch size and workflow step timeout for Reprocess and Batch Upload are not configurable from UI, and need to be set in CRXDE and workflow needs to be synced twice (CQ-4281254).
  • Workflow step name for batch upload and simple upload step is same in Scene 7, which leads to confusion (CQ-4281176).
  • Reprocess workflow in Scene 7 gets stuck if an asset is missing metadata node (CQ-4281170).
  • BatchUpload step in reprocess workflow does not work for the folder having video asset (CQ-4280630).
  • PDF options sent to DM have extractKeywords set to true by default (CQ-4280101).
  • Null Point Exception is observed on running Scene 7 Reprocess workflow on a folder containing non-DM assets (CQ-4279555).
  • Asset renaming in AEM fails to synchronize to scene 7, when an asset with a duplicate name already exists at Scene 7 (CQ-4276763).
  • Zip file sent by email for asset download fails to unzip when a user with Read permissions tries to open it (CQ-4277925).
  • PPT Rendition Workflow fails to generate renditions of the uploaded PPT files, as AEM 6.4 fails to update to com.adobe.granite.poi version 2.0.28 (CQ-4279059).
  • PDF files are not indexed and content within is not searchable (CQ-4278916).
  • When launches are promoted with Promote only Modified pages and Promote launches with modified pages are done, only the modified pages are appearing to be promoted. Moreover, when the list to be promoted is correct, the non-modified pages are still displayed at the bottom of the list (NPR-31314).
  • When an AEM Sites page is moved to a different location, its properties are not updated accordingly to reflect its new location(NPR-31265).
  • For a new Blueprint, If the number of records is more than 40, only the first 40 records are displayed. Blueprint displays blank lines for the rest of the records (NPR-31182).
  • When the number of LiveCopies is large, the LiveCopy overview takes a long time to render the preview (NPR-30945).
  • Added support to set a version of a page while deleting it. If versioning is disabled for the deleted page, AEM Sites cannot restore such pages (NPR-30891).
  • When a user adds Japanese or Korean characters in the description property of a menu, the menu displays distorted characters for Japanese and Korean language text (NPR-31331).
  • When a user focuses on left rail fields and uses a keyboard shortcut to paste content, it pastes the content of the page editor clipboard instead of the content copied from the left rail fields (NPR-31169).
  • When a user edits a content fragment, the already deleted variation of the content fragment is restored (NPR-31178).
  • Content Fragment Models query is inefficient. It is very slow if the instance has a lot of pages and results in an error (NPR-30666).
  • On saving the content fragment model, time in the date and time field is set to 00:00 (NPR-30540).
  • When configuring Adobe Launch, a forward slash (/) is prepended in the library URL (NPR-30700).
  • ContextHub performance degrades after publishing (NPR-30884).
  • Update the webconsole security provider bundle version to 1.2.4 to remove dependency of launchpad starter api from webconsolesecurityprovider (NPR-30885).
  • Updates in buffer size configuration for Jetty-based HTTP service are not saved (NPR-30925).
  • QueryBuilder now supports orderby fn:name() in xpath queries (NPR-31322).
  • Updated Sling distributed event admin to version 1.1.4 improving the quality of logs in a clustered environment (NPR-29256).
Foundation UI
  • Scrolling to the end of the results page with a large number of search results causes the browser to crash (NPR-31332).
  • When switching from the Card view to the List view on a search results page, there is a lag before the page can be scrolled (NPR-31280).
  • MS Office files with .docx and .xlsx file extensions containing JPEG images fail to parse using Tika parser (NPR-31693).
  • Livefyre integration with AEM 6.4 upgrade gives Null Point Exception, when integration is done using DITA plugin for synthetic resources. The integration, however, works when components are added manually (FYR-11066).
  • The path to the destination experience fragment is not getting updated when promoting a launch page (NPR-30830).
  • Email functionality is not working properly in some cases even when email messaging is enabled in notification settings, system throws an exception in the NotificationsActivityStreamProvider (NPR-31521).
  • Not able to create new members, blank screen appears on Create Member screen in AEM author instance (NPR-30951).
  • User is not able to post a comment on a blog in Internet Explorer 11 (NPR-30927).
  • Administrator of a Restricted Group is not able to view the Group Card, unable to perform any Quick Link operations (Edit/Publish/Delete groups) in AEM author instance (NPR-30810).
  • Member groups/ Group information is not visible on creating a new Site in AEM author instance (NPR-28840).
AEM Service Pack does not include fixes for AEM Forms. They are delivered using a separate Forms add-on package. In addition, a cumulative installer is released that includes fixes for AEM Forms on JEE. For more information, see Install AEM Forms add-on package and Install AEM Forms JEE installer .
Forms add-on package
Adaptive Forms
  • Strings contain the dictionary key while localizing adaptive forms (NPR-31109).
  • The checkboxes and drop-down lists in Forms fail Accessibility checks (NPR-31282).
HTML5 Forms
  • Generating HTML5 preview of an XDP form displays a flicker while adding instances of a subform (NPR-30907).
Document Services for OSGi
  • Running multiple simultaneous thread for assembling the forms using com.adobe.fd.assembler.service.AssemblerService.invoke() method displays an error message (NPR-31164).
  • The temporary files created by Assembler Service are not deleted automatically and requires AEM restart (NPR-30846).
  • Applying ReaderExtension Rights to PDF results in an error message (NPR-30930).
  • OSGi workflow fails due to 100% CPU utilization (NPR-31234).
Forms JEE installer
Document Services
  • The Convert PDF Service fails to convert PDF documents to PostScript and displays an error message (NPR-31267).
  • SOAP endpoint configuration resets after applying a patch to fix HTML to PDF failure (NPR-31309).
PDFG Service
  • Unable to upload the Adobe PDF settings file downloaded using the admin UI (NPR-31273).


AEM is an important update that includes performance, stability, security and key customer fixes and enhancements released since the general availability of AEM 6.4 in April 2018.
It is also cumulative which means that includes all AEM 6.4 service packs release before it.
Some of the key highlights of AEM are:
  • The built-in repository (Apache Jackrabbit Oak) is updated to version 1.8.15.
  • Added support for tracking dynamic-UI-states in tracking event in the foundation API.
  • Added rendition support to the image core component.
  • Asset share link of a folder with space and & character in the name displays blank gray cards for some assets. NPR-29934: Hotfix for CQ-4270187
  • DAM Workflow crashes while creating MP4 assets for AEM. NPR-30031: Hotfix for CQ-4271352
  • Adobe Smart Tag connectivity issue through Datapower. NPR-30026: Hotfix for CQ-4269457
  • PDF cannot be found using OmniSearch. NPR-30046: Hotfix for GRANITE-26290
  • Asset paths in URLs and folders metadata generated by the ACP API are not URL encoded. GRANITE-26198: Hotfix for CQ-4271814
  • Create Review task functionality does not work due to undefined payload. NPR-30469: Hotfix CQ-4274263
  • The ability to switch the view from card view to list view and vice-versa disappears after doing an OmniSearch on the asset picker. NPR-29852: Hotfix for CQ-4269369
  • (Touch UI) During the manage publication wizard, assets are added to the replication queue after the pages are added, hence causing some of the assets to appear after a few seconds. NPR-29985: Hotfix for CQ-4270724
  • Sorting search query by relevance returns InDesign documents along with InDesign templates. Hotfix for CQ-4273864
  • If the user has an uppercase email id, users are not able to check-in for those assets which have been previously checked out. Hotfix for CQ-4276575
  • Configuring Dynamic Media Cloud Services in DMHybrid mode results in multiple empty report suites created in Analytics with no report suite id stored on AEM resulting in report suite duplication. Hotfix for CQ-4276855
  • Warning dialog does not appear while promoting in "Managed Tag" page. Hotfix for CQ-4252851
  • When using the carousel for managing tags, the navigation button does not work. Hotfix for CQ-4275499
  • Bulk move asset functionality is broken resulting in non-movement of assets. Hotfix for CQ-4272987
  • pageinfo.json requests are extremely slow and take too long to load. NPR-29709: Hotfix for CQ-4269560
  • onTime or offTime metadata properties saved on assets are not recalled if the AEM server gets restarted. NPR-30413: Hotfix for CQ-4272784
  • Due to incorrect behavior of ConfigPostProcessor class, suspending parent page removes cq: LiveRelationship mixing type from the child page. NPR-30536, NPR-30510: Hotfix for CQ-4254113
  • Cross-site scripting (XSS) on the at Start workflow dialog in Campaign editing page. NPR-29747: Hotfix for CQ-4271067
  • (Classic UI) The Workflow lock stage disables the workflow tab until the lock is released. NPR-30356: Hotfix for CQ-4237557
  • (IE11) When pasting HTML content in a Rich Text Editor component with defaultPasteMode = plaintext, the HTML is pasted with the formatting, hence, defaultPasteMode has no effect. NPR-30045: Hotfix for GRANITE-26094
  • (Classic UI) When the site admin page is reloaded, all dropdown items in the "New" menu are disabled. NPR-29980: Hotfix for CQ-4272044
  • Unable to add styles to the text or edit any existing styles authored on the content. NPR-29712: Hotfix for CQ-4266249
  • (Classic UI) Assets without dc: title value is listed without title in path field dialog browser. NPR-30166: Backport request for CQ-88858
  • The cq: listener does not work with nested components even after adding the parsys component. NPR-30422: Hotfix for CQ-4274863
  • ContextHub error during AEM and Campaign integration. NPR-30625: Hotfix for CQ-4250790
  • The value of the resourceType request parameter is copied into the value of an HTML tag attribute which is encapsulated in double quotation marks. NPR-29832: Hotfix for CQ-4255365
  • A page refresh is needed after components are copied and pasted from one page to another. NPR-29982: Hotfix for CQ-4256019
  • Publish/Unpublish from a page alias is not supported and should be removed. NPR-30062: Hotfix for CQ-4271249
  • Unclosed ResourceResolver warning in ExperienceFragmentsReplicationListener leading to stability issues over time, forcing to restart AEM instances. NPR-30416: Hotfix for CQ-4257521
  • Moving Experience Fragments that are referenced in more than 150 pages do not modify the fragmentPath in the pages where they are referenced. NPR-30556: Hotfix for CQ-4274900
  • Parsing error when opening a Content Fragment which has characters dollar ( $ ) and open brace ( { ) one after another. Hotfix for CQ-4270266
  • The VersionPreviewServlet is failing in NullPointerException when trying to display a version of an Experience Fragment in the timeline. NPR-30074: Hotfix for CQ-4271881
  • Unable to lock content fragments via the check-in feature. NPR-29923: Hotfix for CQ-4258785
  • Signature verification failure in SAML authentication handler. NPR-30379: Backport request for GRANITE-26567
  • JCR Session / Resource Resolver is leaked during OAuth implementation on every replication to MAC / Brand Portal. NPR-30000: Hotfix for Granite-26196
  • The order of children affected using overlap and order before is causing IndexOutOfBoundException. NPR-30408: Hotfix for Sling-8296 & Sling-7375
  • InactiveBundlesHealthCheck are reading MissingPackagesHealthCheck configuration once the InactiveBundlesHealthCheck configurations are saved. NPR-30084: Hotfix for CQ-4272644
  • Unable to run catalog blueprint from Sites console. NPR-29829: Hotfix for CQ-4271461
  • The asset used in the product does not show any reference to the product in the "References' section of the asset neither the asset path gets updated if the asset is moved. NPR-30542: Hotfix for CQ-4270247
  • AEM Default Mail Sender is unable to send mail to a remote SMTP server over TLS v1.2. NPR-30476: Hotfix for GRANITE-26605
  • Groups deleted on the author are not in sync with all the publishers. NPR-29987: Hotfix for CQ-4268738
  • Deleted users removed from the Community Administrators Field are not in sync with the Membership group. NPR-30389: Hotfix for CQ-4274339
  • Users part of the administrators' group does not have quick links for the group. NPR-30546: Hotfix for CQ-4275579
  • Updating any newly created and existing Community group overwrites the property on jcr: content node and changes their name to first page's title. NPR-30109: Hotfix for CQ-4273719
  • Quicksearch and search through location and address is not working when the community is set to work with Database Storage Resource Provider (DSRP). NPR-26737: Hotfix for CQ-4258493
  • Auto-execution of Translation does not work. NPR-30499: Hotfix for CQ-4276288
  • User is able to create language copy on the content path restricted to read-only. NPR-29937: Hotfix for CQ-4270708
  • Translation issue - Only a few components are translated using Machine Translation. NPR-30079: Hotfix for CQ-4273764
  • The customized content is not displayed correctly on the publish instance until the restart of the instance. NPR-30421: Hotfix for CQ-4273706
  • dam: folderThumbnailPaths values do not get refreshed and display old thumbnails even after deleting the assets within the folder. NPR-30424: Hotfix for CQ-4273667
  • Cross-site scripting (XSS) on Sites page properties on thumbnail tab. NPR-30048: Hotfix for Granite-26200
  • Added support for tracking dynamic-UI-states in tracking event in the foundation API. NPR-30742, GRANITE-26322: Hotfix for GRANITE-26036
AEM Service Pack does not include fixes for AEM Forms. They are delivered using a separate Forms add-on package. In addition, a cumulative installer is released that includes fixes for AEM Forms on JEE. For more information, see Install AEM Forms add-on package and Install AEM Forms JEE installer .
Forms add-on package
Adaptive Forms
  • Empty .css file takes longer time to fetch from the publisher, causing performance issue. NPR-30558: Hotfix for CQ-4274399
  • Forms that are modified after publishing do not get posted again on publishing the site. NPR-30411: Hotfix for CQ-4236566
Forms - Backend Integration
  • An error is thrown while creating the Form Data Model with the Web Service Definition Language (WSDL). NPR-30388: Hotfix for CQ-4272921
Forms - Correspondence Management
  • Special characters such as less-than (<), greater-than (>) and ampersand (&) get encoded in the Agent UI. NPR-30410: Hotfix for CQ-4273887
  • When triggering text fragment containing Data Dictionary values, the Agent UI becomes unresponsive. NPR-30098, NPR-30083: Hotfix for CQ-4272204
  • Create Correspondence UI (CCR UI) fails intermittently with error variable (object Object). NPR-29983: Hotfix for CQ-4273874
  • Letter draft reload fails with an exception when the description of Document Fragments contain special characters like less-than (<), greater-than (>) and ampersand (&) in properties. NPR-29930: Hotfix for CQ-4252762
HTML5 Forms
  • When using NonVisual Desktop Access in Browse mode to read an HTML5 form, the Chrome browser reads "graphic" before each Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG) in the form design. NPR-30450: Hotfix for CQ-4274732
Forms JEE installer
Forms - Foundation JEE
  • Adding or editing a Web Service connection by invoking web services from AEM forms Workbench throws an error: ClassNotFoundException org.apache.axis.message.SOAPBodyElement. NPR-30116: Hotfix for CQ-4273217
Forms - Document Services
  • PDF/A label missing error in Acrobat preflight. NPR-30594: Hotfix for CQ-4276032
  • Single character Data Bindings in PDF cause Reader Extensions to fail with an error "java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: String index out of range: 1". NPR-30128: Hotfix for CQ-4273878
  • When a load test is performed on HTML to PDF service, it fails with an error and file type settings are removed from AEM forms server. NPR-30085: Hotfix for CQ-4272631
  • Flattening a PDF with Adobe Acrobat 9.1 (XFA version 3.0) does not retain the PDF form state: Invisible elements on the form are set back to a visible state. NPR-29978: Hotfix for CQ-4270888
Forms - Document Security
  • Applying a signature with timestamp fails with error: ALC-DSC-003-000: com.adobe.idp.dsc.DSCInvocationException: Invocation error. NPR-30696, NPR-30537: Hotfix for CQ-4273778
  • Configuration Manager does not insert Japanese strings for localized table columns. NPR-30496: Hotfix for CQ-4274868
PDFG Service
  • Connection error while trying to convert Word document to PDF on Windows Server 2016. NPR-30597: Hotfix for CQ-4275652
  • Permission denied exception when trying to use the HTML to PDF backend service via the "phantomjs" library. NPR-30456: Hotfix for CQ-4258077
  • maxReuseCount for HTML to PDF service is not shown with JBoss Management Console. NPR-30303, NPR-30135: Hotfix for CQ-4273763


AEM is an important update that includes performance, stability, security and key customer fixes and enhancements released since the general availability of AEM 6.4 in April 2018.
It is also cumulative which means that includes all AEM 6.4 service packs release before it.
Some of the key highlights of AEM are:
  • The built-in repository (Apache Jackrabbit Oak) is updated to version 1.8.13.
  • Added socket timeout and connection timeout in Brand Portal replication agents.
  • Omnisearch enhancements - Increased the pagination limit of the search result to 100 pages.
  • Disabled AssetDownloadServlet OSGi component by default on AEM publish instances. For more information, see Download assets from AEM .
  • Enabled Multi-Site Manager support for Assets. For more information, see Reuse assets using MSM for Assets .
  • Assets with an apostrophe in the filename do not sync to Dynamic Media. NPR-29538: Hotfix for CQ-4270592
  • Updated DAM DMGateway interface for S3 multipart support. NPR-29740: Hotfix for CQ-4226303
  • The asset download dialog displays an incorrect file size when downloading renditions for a video in Dynamic Media. NPR-29642: Hotfix for CQ-4246202
  • Assets become unusable after Day CQ DAM Mime Type Service applies text for m3u8. NPR-29276: Hotfix for CQ-4264052
  • Asset reference adjustment fails to save the session if any of the moved/renamed assets are part of Sling Resource collections. NPR-29143: Hotfix for /CQ-4252605
  • Cannot track or find assets by searching the metadata values. NPR-29141: Hotfix for CQ-4260215
  • When using the search filter to save a Smart Collection, the click action on the panel does not maintain focus. NPR-29000: Hotfix for CQ-4240323
  • Moving a folder allows the creation of a folder with mixed-case or uppercase names. NPR-28945: Hotfix for CQ-4265234
  • Blank results displayed in Omnisearch if collection name has space. NPR-29001: Hotfix for CQ-4236729
  • Renaming a file using some unsupported special characters like ampersand (&) creates an invalid folder. NPR-29196: Hotfix for CQ-4265037
  • DAM Extract Archive for zip file functionality is broken. NPR-29187: Hotfix for CQ-4254421
  • Metadata import should allow importing metadata without registering namespaces. NPR-29425, NPR-28132: Hotfix for CQ-4269445
  • Saving metadata changes do not work for assets whose name contain a quote character. NPR-29395: Hotfix for CQ-4254305
  • Cannot move a DAM asset if the filename contains whitespace. NPR-29270: Hotfix for CQ-4266403
  • Cannot download ZIP archives compressed with Deflate64 algorithm. NPR-29225: Hotfix for CQ-4253995
  • Asset thumbnails are displayed slowly when opening a folder that contains assets with many versions. NPR-29833: Hotfix for CQ-4271629
  • Unable to enter the collection highlighted if the Enter key is pressed after selecting the collection. NPR-29723: Hotfix for CQ-4261607
  • Cross-site scripting (XSS) attack through the restricted alert window. NPR-29671: Hotfix for CQ-4270133
  • Adding relations to assets is failing for users without delete permissions. NPR-29640: Hotfix for CQ-4269196
  • After adding asset title in the properties page, when the user attempts to close the page, AEM opens the properties page again. NPR-29628: Hotfix for CQ-4264929
  • Creating a large number of relations on asset results in an error. NPR-28779: Hotfix for CQ-4250708
  • Asset ingestion is slow in Scene7 Connect run mode. NPR-28658: Hotfix for CQ-4263007
  • An error Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'split' of undefined is displayed when attempting to view the search results. NPR-28803: Hotfix for CQ-4248371
  • The replication from AEM to Brand Portal is stuck for long periods. NPR-28914: Hotfix for CQ-4254932
  • Moving assets in DAM does not result in a similar move on Scene7. NPR-28957: Hotfix for CQ-4264974
  • Metadata updates are not passed to IPS if the metadata field is updated in AEM. NPR-28961: Hotfix for CQ-4255393
  • VersioningTimelineEventProvider should provide root version along with the version comment. Hotfix for GRANITE-26063
  • Injecting data leads to code execution at the server side. Hotfix for CQ-4270246
  • Enabled Multi-Site Manager support for Assets. Hotfix for CQ-4271453, CQ-4268621, CQ-4257491
  • AEM interface should display an additional entry for the current version of the asset in the timeline history, displaying the latest check-in comment from Adobe Asset Link. Hotfix for CQ-4262864
  • The sample video does not load on creating or editing a MixedMediaSet. Hotfix for CQ-4244889
  • Disabling the permissions to delete content on the AEM side prevents the user to publish to Brand Portal. Hotfix for CQ-4270426
  • Query limit related issues with Asset reports after upgrade to AEM 6.4.3. NPR-28588: Hotfix for CQ-4262022, CQ-4260697
  • The download functionality leverages AEM Assets via assetdownload servlet allowing anonymous users to download all assets. NPR-27315, Hotfix for CQ-4254732
  • JCR complaint tag name should be auto-populated based on tag title. NPR-28990: Hotfix for CQ-4199411
  • Cancel inheritance button is not visible on some of the fields added in the page properties. NPR-29079: Hotfix for CQ-4265686
  • The rollout preview action should not try to recreate the live copy or show it in the rollout pages list. NPR-29151: Hotfix for CQ-4266213
  • (Template Editor) Style Policy regression in structure mode. NPR-28981: Hotfix for CQ-4264400
  • Nested live copies show duplicate entries during rollout. NPR-29300: Hotfix for CQ-4268664
  • Publishing a Live Copy of a Live Copy that contains a Design Importer component fails with Failed to retrieve references for the selected page. NPR-28944: Hotfix for CQ-4265014
  • CoralUI, when used with Multifield, stores the fileReferenceParameter at the component level instead of multifield level. NPR-29536: Hotfix for CQ-4266129
  • The design reference is not replicated on publish after canceling inheritance on Design Importer. NPR-29648, NPR-29721: Hotfix for CQ-4269270, CQ-4271087
  • The path field in Rich Text Editor opens at the root path irrespective of the path specified to search. NPR-29483: Hotfix for CQ-4268997
  • (IE11) Copy paste HTML content in a RTE component with defaultPasteMode = plaintext does not paste the content as a plain text. NPR-29432, NPR-29171: Hotfix for GRANITE-24941
  • Rich Text Editor spellcheck no longer works in other languages. NPR-29506: Hotfix for CQ-4264990
  • Cross-site scripting (XSS) on the Campaign page. NPR-29614: Hotfix for CQ-4269322
  • Minimizing Rich Text Editor from fullscreen while in source edit mode leads to loss of content. NPR-29574: Hotfix for CQ-4260584
  • (Classic UI) Navigating to the last tab is not always possible when a large number of tags exist. NPR-29544: Hotfix for CQ-4264548
  • (Classic UI) Admin Console navigation menu disappears, and the page does not load completely. NPR-29571: Hotfix for CQ-4264585
  • Error alert is generated when adding components to WCM page when minification is enabled on the instance. NPR-29396: Hotfix for CQ-4266196
  • An issue with the inheritance of Style System nodes from the parent. NPR-29296: Hotfix for CQ-4266041
  • Page restored with Timewarp should refer to the correct picture at the time of versioning. NPR-29431: Hotfix for CQ-4262638
  • Blank page with Javascript errors on editor after installing latest 6.4.5 snapshot version. NPR-29475: Hotfix for CQ-4266196
  • While adding a component to a parsys, design component list property is not respected and is resolved to a different template node name with a similar parsys structure. NPR-29509: Hotfix for CQ-4269044
  • cq:dropTargets zone covers the whole component instead of the size of the image, making targeting difficult with embedded components. NPR-29738: Hotfix for CQ-4268912
  • The image component does not call the "afteredit" listener after the image in-place editor is used. NPR-29616 Hotfix for CQ-4268065
  • An issue in setting up the social posting to Facebook. NPR-29212: Hotfix for CQ-4266630
  • When promoting launches for modified pages, modifications in both the source and launch branches are considered. NPR-29308: Hotfix for CQ-4266746
  • The rendered thumbnail on Content Fragment shows internal calendar representation for Date and Time field. NPR-29531: Hotfix for CQ-4269362
  • Cannot bulk add a tag to pages with existing different tags. NPR-28729: Hotfix for CQ-4262922
  • Scheduled Activation icon is not showing in the site admin. NPR-28725: Hotfix for CQ-4263917
  • Sensitive information disclosure vulnerability in Replication Agent component. NPR-29612, NPR-24951: Hotfix for GRANITE-25070
  • User-provided data is not escaped on output in the cq/replication/components/agent component, resulting in a stored Cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability. Hotfix for CQ-4266263
Experience Fragments
  • Cannot export Experience Fragments to target when smart image is used. Hotfix for CQ-4269606
Social - Reporting
  • AEM Community reports do not show in AEM author instance. Hotfix for CQ-4266294
  • Cross-site scripting (XSS) in package manager while installing a package. NPR-29734, NPR-29713, NPR-29630: Hotfix for GRANITE-26161, GRANITE-
  • Multiple stored and reflected Cross-site scripting (XSS) in CRXDE Lite. NPR-29634: Hotfix for GRANITE-26049
  • Login functionality for Package Share uses GET request rather than POST request, causing the password to be visible under the network tab. NPR-29631: Hotfix for GRANITE-26048
  • Cross-site scripting (XSS) observed in system console. The page gets loaded and pop up comes over when mouse is hovered over text field. NPR-29853, NPR-29633: Hotfix for GRANITE-26188, GRANITE-26050
  • Apache Sling Logging Logger Configuration does not filter the injected script. NPR-29775: Hotfix for GRANITE-26051
  • Groups deleted on author should be removed from the publish instances. NPR-28933: Hotfix for CQ-4264645
  • App secret should be protected with a password field, not to be displayed in plain text for social connect tools. NPR-29728: Hotfix for CQ-4270480
  • Visitors and members, with no moderator privileges, can see unapproved/pending posts by pasting the URL. NPR-29726: Hotfix for CQ-4271124, CQ-4271441
  • High response time up to 40-50 seconds is observed on user sign-in for Community. NPR-29678: Hotfix for CQ-4269444
  • Users without translation feature access on navigation should not be able to access its subpages. NPR-29644: Hotfix for CQ-4269979
  • User permissions not upheld as wizard allows the creation of the translation copy in a read-only location. NPR-29375: Hotfix for CQ-4265877
UI - Foundation
  • Increased the pagination limit of the search result to 100 pages for card view and 200 for the list view. NPR-29332: Hotfix for GRANITE-24644
  • Due to lazy loading of tags, nothing is displayed on the collection page. NPR-29267: Hotfix for GRANITE-24902
  • Changing the pagination limit to 100 instead of 40 triggers an extra lazy load without pagination request. NPR-29246: Hotfix for GRANITE-25027
  • AEM granite password field is not getting populated after encryption. NPR-29245: Hotfix for GRANITE-24908
  • An exception message is shown when trying to edit and save the AEM launch configuration. NPR-29086: Hotfix for CQ-4266153
  • BrightEdge credentials fail with connection error. NPR-29167: Hotfix for CQ-4265872
  • The inherited from checkbox appearing at the root level in Cloud Service Configs should be removed. NPR-27856: Hotfix for CQ-4259676
  • HTTP connection timeout is not being read from the configurations. NPR-29264: Hotfix for SLING-7902
  • JCR installer writeback causes the OSGi configuration to use invalid format and block the redeployment. NPR-29027: Hotfix for CQ-4264694
  • Users are unable to complete the project workflow. NPR-29621: Hotfix for CQ-4258791
  • Project Workflow list shows empty rows beyond 40 workflows. NPR-28739: Hotfix for CQ-4264005
  • Choosing Dynamic Rendition option in Brand Portal downloads an empty .zip file. NPR-29420: Hotfix for CQ-4268826
  • Publish Assets from AEM Author /content/dam/mac folder to Brand Portal doesn't work. NPR-29820: Hotfix for CQ-4271118
  • Punctuation in the name causes issues with publish button. NPR-29573: Hotfix for CQ-4269317
  • Unable to create asset language copy through reference panel. Hotfix for CQ-4269535
  • Upgrade from 6.4.2 to 6.4.4 breaks the dialog participant's calendar picker field. NPR-29727: Hotfix for CQ-4270423
WCM - Admin UI
  • Opening the permissions tab in Coral2 implementation do not show the buttons. Hotfix for CQ-4269419
  • Deleting a child node in the live copy should detach the liveRelationship. Hotfix for CQ-4270395
  • Upgrade to AEM 6.4.3 makes Multi-Site Manager take a long time to roll out. Hotfix for CQ-4271410
  • CSRF protection framework is not working with AEM foundation forms. NPR-28612: Hotfix for GRANITE-22231
WCM - Page Editor
  • Reflected Cross-site scripting (XSS) when using an invalid selector. Hotfix for CQ-4270397
The key highlights for AEM forms are:
Forms add-on package
Adaptive Forms
  • (Touch UI) Start workflow option does not pop up the dialog box for configuration. NPR-29521: Hotfix for CQ-4269050
Forms - Backend Integration
  • Enabled support for Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) v3.0 for Microsoft Dynamics on-premise integration. NPR-30003, NPR-29484: Hotfix for CQ-4270586
  • Prefill service fails due to prolonged turnaround time from AEM Forms Data Integration module. NPR-28997: Hotfix for CQ-4265988
  • SOAP Webservice request is malformed within AEM Forms. NPR-29013: Hotfix for CQ-4265443
  • No error message is displayed while testing SOAP service, in case of an incorrect date value. Hotfix for CQ-4265445
Forms - Interactive Communication & Forms - Correspondence Management
  • Create Correspondence UI (CCR UI) fails to handle a float number. NPR-29210: Hotfix for CQ-4254201
  • The tooltip set on a variable is not visible on the Create Correspondence UI (CCR UI). NPR-29739: Hotfix for CQ-4250533
  • Unable to copy or paste from Omnisearch within letters. NPR-29808: Hotfix for CQ-4270783
HTML5 Forms
  • When we add a space within the text, the text field does not allow to fill to the end. NPR-28844: Hotfix for CQ-4260239
Forms JEE installer
Forms - Foundation JEE
  • Webservice component in AEM Forms Workbench is unable to invoke a web service, which requires two-way SSL authentication. NPR-29485: Hotfix for CQ-4246794
  • AEM Forms JEE configuration manager does not work with multiple NIC cards. NPR-29236: Hotfix for CQ-4268598
  • AEM startup error coming from GemFire: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Only one AdminDistributedSystem connection can be made all at once. NPR-29524: Hotfix for CQ-4266295
  • NoClassDefFoundError because of jar version mismatch. NPR-28834: Hotfix for NPR-28834
Forms - Document Services
  • Invalid PDF/A file is reported as valid PDF/A using isPDFA operation. NPR-29076: Hotfix for CQ-4261541
  • PDF fails conversion to PDF/A-1b with Form field does not have appearance dict. NPR-29534: Hotfix for CQ-4269618
  • PDF/A conversion from PDF produced with the Output Service does not pass validation with Acrobat DC. NPR-29647: Hotfix for CQ-4270448
  • Apache POI bundle fails with an exception. NPR-27861, NPR-28048: Hotfix for CQ-4245898, CQ-4244778
Forms - Designer
  • Added PDF/UA support to XML Forms Architecture (XFA) forms generated using Designer and Output Service. NPR-23022
Forms - Workflow
  • Submissions from workspace fail with Umlaut character. NPR-29087: Hotfix for CQ-4263172
Feature Packs Included
OSGI bundles and content packages included
The following text documents the list of OSGI bundles and content packages included in the CFP.
List of OSGi bundles included in AEM
List of Content Packages included in AEM


AEM is an important update that includes performance, stability, security and key customer fixes and enhancements released since the general availability of AEM 6.4 in April 2018.
It is also cumulative which means that includes all AEM 6.4 service packs release before it.
Some of the key highlights of AEM are:
  • The built-in repository (Apache Jackrabbit Oak) is updated to version 1.8.11.
  • Added support for caching service version to avoid frequent service version HTTP requests.
  • Added support for deleting auto tags.
  • Implemented endless scrolling for catalog wizard.
  • Backported ability to restrict permissions according to community sites.
  • Performance fixes (caching, async execution, exclusion list) for Sling Granite Content Health Check.
  • Added assetpicker button to pagethumbnail dialog.
  • Added new property to allow tooltip positioning on fields.
  • Improved support of ColorPicker inside the Multifield.
  • Added a check to ignore empty values for number input multifields in the clientlibs of Content Fragment.
  • Enabled support for Microsoft Translator Text API v3.
  • Migrate of ACP and Stock Integration to AEM NPR-27632
  • Publish later empty asset folder with sub-folders makes the sub-folders disappear. NPR-27558: Hotfix for CQ-4254701
  • Addition of Single non-namespaced String\[\] property causes incomplete XMP writeback. NPR-26805: Hotfix for CQ-4254142
  • After rasterizing the input pdf, the output produced has missing images. NPR-27929: Hotfix for CTG-4150481
  • Move Asset Wizard is showing an incorrect count of Referencing pages for published pages. NPR-27833: Hotfix for CQ-4258014
  • AssetPicker search only the first tag to filter the result when filtering with tags. NPR-27778: Hotfix for CQ-4257705
  • AEM OOTB PDF handler gets stuck on processing PDF with foreign characters. NPR-28778: Hotfix for CQ-4254234
  • When a CSV file has value which is separated by comma in a single column, AEM CSV editor does not escape the comma and treats it as a separate column. NPR-28801: Hotfix for CQ-4261694
  • Issue with Metadata Schema Editor while using path Browser to select data. NPR-28674: Hotfix for CQ-4263005
  • Too many assets get processed to the Smart Content Service resulting in a huge amount of time to complete the periodic tagging process. NPR-28640: Hotfix for CQ-4262661, CQ-4262644, CQ-4263234
  • Desktop actions do not work for Omnisearch results from aem/start.html page. NPR-27242: Hotfix for CQ-4248176
  • Assets API does not allow upload of file > 2 GB causing upload failure. NPR-27629: Hotfix for Granite-23590
  • Metadata does not save in downloaded asset in the first attempt in case Dynamic Media is enabled on the instance. NPR-28233: Hotfix for CQ-4260759
  • Service resolver is not closed in SiteCatalyst configuration. NPR-28015: Hotfix for CQ-4259397
  • Moving assets in DAM does not result in a similar move on Scene7 (p2p config). NPR-28313: Hotfix for CQ-4261091
  • (Classic UI) A fraction of live copies appear in rollout list. NPR-28598, NPR-28574: Hotfix for CQ-4263410
  • LiveRelationshipManagerImpl throws exceptions when cq:master is empty or invalid. NPR-28590: Hotfix for CQ-4263115
  • The out of the box "Request for Deletion" workflow doesn't delete the pages properly. NPR-28668: Hotfix for CQ-4263195
  • Relationship Status UI does not show proper year or timestamp values for related coral-datepicker fields. NPR-28666: Hotfix for CQ-4263661
  • Cross-site scripting (XSS) in SuggestionHandler for 6.4. NPR-28693: Hotfix for CQ-4253821
  • Move folder from siteadmin ends in out of memory and makes AEM unavailable. NPR-28346: Hotfix for CQ-4261398
  • MSM LiveCopy Rollout configurations are lost after update. NPR-28311: Hotfix for CQ-4258705
  • Unable to scroll beyond 40 blueprint configurations. NPR-27640: Hotfix for CQ-4239166
  • Usage of SyntheticResource as reference throws a Null Pointer Exception and blocks the move of the pages. NPR-27576: Hotfix for CQ-4258262
  • The PushOnModify does not work on delete on 6.1 to 6.4 upgraded instance. NPR-28108: Hotfix for CQ-4259833
  • (Classic UI) Cancel inheritance button is missing and component is editable on a live copy page. NPR-28256: Hotfix for CQ-4260161
  • OakState0001: Unresolved conflicts on Rollout. NPR-27982: Hotfix for CQ-4259548
  • When copy/pasting a structure containing SyntheticResource references, the process ends with an error 500. NPR-27709: Hotfix for CQ-4259179
  • Unable to terminate running workflows when payloads are activated. NPR-27672: Hotfix for CQ-4258520
  • Rollout shows duplicate rollout paths after upgrade from 6.1 to 6.4. NPR-27845: Hotfix for CQ-4259487
  • Integrate dam assetpicker modal in page thumbnail component. NPR-28131: Hotfix for CQ-108042
  • (Classic UI) Unable to open Dialogs with Tags widget. NPR-28575: Hotfix for CQ-4262680
  • Multifield file upload does not show drop zone. NPR-28676: Hotfix for CQ-4263516
  • 'Invalid recursion selector value' error while migrating a component from AEM 6.0 to AEM 6.2. NPR-28609: Hotfix for CQ-4241258
  • Rich Text Editor in dialog is flickering when popover of a plugin is higher than text area, hence, blocking any further authoring. NPR-27579: Hotfix for CQ-4257440
  • (Classic UI) cq:action editannotate does not work. NPR-28232: Hotfix for CQ-4257703
  • Removing tags from the tags filter asset search panel of the page editor doesn't refresh the list properly. NPR-27983: Hotfix for CQ-4245567
  • If the multifield number values are empty, clicking Save will result in infinite loading prompt without actually ever completing. NPR-28400, NPR-28393: Hotfix for CQ-4244058, CQ-4244349
  • With just read permission, users/groups are not able to select an XF and have no option to view the XF and its page properties. NPR-28341: Hotfix for CQ-4260412
  • The JSON data received from Target has a number of escape characters causing the application page to break. NPR-28318: Hotfix for CQ-4252043
  • Unable to edit any component after installing AEM 6.4.3. NPR-28125: Hotfix for CQ-4261216
  • Deletion of all the tags for a tag field is not persisted for a structured content fragment. NPR-28133: Hotfix for CQ-4247241
  • When editing a Content Fragment “jcr:lastmodifiedby” and “jcr:lastmodified” property, values are getting updated without user making any changes. NPR-27847: Hotfix for CQ-4257138
  • Content Fragments versioning compare diff improvements for AEM 6.4. NPR-27764
  • If there is no cq:allowedTemplates defined on /content/experience-fragments and allowedPaths is used on the Experience Fragement template, an error is thrown when the Experience Fragement is moved/copied. NPR-27487: Hotfix for CQ-4257489
  • Create button appears on refresh for the new user. NPR-27335: Hotfix for CQ-4255360
  • While trying to move a published page, the "Referencing Pages" count that appears on the first page of the "Move Page" wizard is incorrect. NPR-28111: Hotfix for CQ-4259663
  • (Touch UI) References Rail doesn't show incoming links. NPR-28529: Hotfix for CQ-4262306
  • Unable to edit any component and Page properties after installing AEM 6.4.3. NPR-27998: Hotfix for CQ-4261216, CQ-4260441
  • Migrate contexthub to jquery 3. NPR-28397: Hotfix for GRANITE-19902
  • Unable to select catalog if there are more than 20 catalogs in a folder. NPR-27649: Hotfix for CQ-4258119
  • Commerce wizards & properties views are broken due to header.referer missing. Hotfix for CQ-4261122
Campaign - Targeting
  • goes into an infinite loop and causes updates to nodes on publih instances. Hotfix for CQ-4263096
  • Error while building replication content NPR-28314: Hotfix for CQ-4261401
  • Session leak when User agent id is set to admin in replication agent. NPR-28220: Hotfix for CQ-4255517
DAM - Creative Cloud
  • Backport HTTP API to find similar images from within AEM Assets. Hotfix for CQ-4254091
  • Enhance the ACP API to allow the results of a query to be restricted to the members of a collection. Hotfix for CQ-4258708
DAM - Formats
  • After metadata export is triggered, the page is redirected to a 404 page. Hotfix for CQ-4262447
DAM - General
  • (Adobe Stock Integration) Server error modal is displayed with an Oauth error in the error.log file. Hotfix for CQ-4260406
  • Adobe Stock integration does not function if 6.4.4 is applied to 6.4.3. Hotfix for CQ-4266009
  • The Link to CF Model is missing even after applying SP3 patch. Hotfix for CQ-4259029
  • (Classic UI) The edit button is not available in Base Report component after upgrading to 6.4.2. NPR-28560: Hotfix for CQ-4262825
  • When using a query combining property.operation=like and property.depth, it ends up in an InvalidQueryException. NPR-28570: Hotfix for CQ-4262652
  • Internal Server Error when newly added language node is removed from overlayed language node. NPR-28661: Hotfix for CQ-4239194
  • Null Pointer Exception in stderr.log in sling-oak-1 thread on random starts. NPR-28665: Hotfix for CQ-4237845
  • webconsole.plugins.memoryusage causes a deadlock on refresh. NPR-27895: Hotfix for GRANITE-20715
  • Sling Content Access Health Check performs long excessive /libs validation for cutom resource resolver search path. NPR-28113: Hotfix for GRANITE-23529
Content Fragment Management
  • Usability improvements and feature parity with Assets for Content Fragments. Hotfix for CQ-4253883
  • Upgrade vulnerable bootstrap to 3.4 and ckeditor libraries to 4.5.11. NPR-28490: Hotfix for CQ-4257511
  • Cancellation of the editing modes does not restore the deleted attachment. NPR-27902: Hotfix for CQ-4255150
  • The compose on behalf of box should only be visible to the privileged members. NPR-27900: Hotfix for CQ-4251235
  • Add rep:cache into Ignorable Nodes at AEM Communities User Sync Listener on publish instances. NPR-27842: Hotfix for CQ-4247234
  • The search box is showing escape character at UI level. NPR-27838: Hotfix for CQ-4259757
  • Error is generated while searching for special characters like ( , +,? in quicksearch. NPR-28213: Hotfix for CQ-4260969
  • Create a 'community-specific administrators' group for the users to be able to edit and author the relevant communtiy site. NPR-27731
  • Added logic for keyboard event to open up video. NPR-27726: Hotfix for CQ-4254026
  • Enabled keyboard navigation for AEM Communities Enablement components on Publish. NPR-27728: Hotfix for CQ-4254028
  • Added aria-label for list and card view button. NPR-27727: Hotfix for CQ-4254027
  • Handling open resource resolver sessions in Social- Communities. NPR-27721: Hotfix for CQ-4258714
  • Provide support for Microsoft Translator Text API v3. NPR-28366: Hotfix for CQ-4249755
  • jcr:language & cq:language are not automatically updated in the translated Language. NPR-28338: Hotfix for CQ-4256046
  • Cyclic references cause StackOverflowError when creating language copy. NPR-27596: Hotfix for CQ-4255621
  • In a multi-language translation project, clicking save and close results in subsequent pages added to the project results in new projects being created instead of new translation jobs being created in existing project. NPR-28219, NPR-28236: Hotfix for CQ-4261276, CQ-4260731
  • Error String too long when adding content fragment with bulk data due to limitation on the number of characters allowed. NPR-28722: Hotfix for CQ-4262362
  • Comment posted to next page gets highlighted with yellow everytime a new comment is posted. Hotfix for CQ-4261359
  • Unable to delete comments in the User Generated Content using API. NPR-28075: Hotfix for CQ-4261135
  • AbstractNotificationOperationService cause ClassCastException. Hotfix for CQ-4260456
  • Remove reference to Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) Cloud in the player. Hotfix for CQ-4260779
UI - Foundation
  • The "Filesystem output cache" feature integrated in the HTML Client Library Manager breaks the "debugClientLibs" feature for compiled scripts like LESS files. NPR-27249: Hotfix for Granite-23313
  • The number of assets displayed when the debug mode is activated is always 1 and a lot of JS errors are thrown in the console of the browser. NPR-27575: Hotfix for GRANITE-23750
  • Save and close on page properties doesn't return to proper page in AEM WAR with Tomcat. NPR-27566: Hotfix for GRANITE-23671
  • goes into an infinite loop and causes updates to nodes on publish instances. NPR-28561: Hotfix for CQ-4263096
  • The cq:actions are not taken in consideration for a targeted component. NPR-27616: Hotfix for CQ-4257497
  • LiveCopy inheritance cancellation does not work properly on targeted containers. NPR-28129: Hotfix for CQ-4259813
  • (Cloud Service Configs) The "inherited from" checkbox appearing at the root level should be removed. NPR-27856: Hotfix for CQ-4259676
  • Update to Sling Models API 1.3.8, Impl 1.4.10. NPR-27636: Hotfix for GRANITE-23537
OAK - Segment Persistence
  • SegmentBufferWriter not flushed after OnRC. NPR-27464
  • Multi-language translation project is not creating multiple language jobs for the users that are not part of the administrators group. NPR-28508: Hotfix for CQ-4262023
  • The ProjectTaskListServlet is leaking a ResourceResolver whenever getTaskRenderers is called during startup of the service. NPR-27590: Hotfix for CQ-4258011
  • If a directory has more subdirectories than the page size and ordering is by date or size, then an error prevents to move beyond the first page. NPR-28867: Hotfix for CQ-4265039
  • Backport Cross-site scripting (XSS) fixes in DAM Viewers. NPR-28106: Hotfix for CQ-4253215
  • Unable to add pages to translation project by project-administrators as the link to add new pages to the translation project is not visible. Hotfix for CQ-4266334
  • When we open complete work item dialog in the workflow notification which has a Tag field , clicking on cross mark adds a Tag property to it. NPR-28304: Hotfix for CQ-4261321
  • User Selection Toggle Button in Reassign Task Dialog is not working. NPR-28963: Hotfix for CQ-4264206
The key highlights for AEM forms are:
  • Added support to record document security APIs for signing and certifying as transactions.
Forms add-on package
Adobe Sign Integration
  • AEM 6.4 Forms Client SDK does not contain adobesign-recipent package. NPR-27735: Hotfix for CQ-4259372
Adaptive Forms
  • When Wan adaptive form is created with a blank template, customers are not able to child panels to the root panel of the form. NPR-28758: Hotfix for CQ-4264157
  • When the value of the year field of date component is 9999, the validation script fails. NPR-28580: Hotfix for CQ-4262620
  • When an adaptive form is created with a blank template, customers are not able to child panels to the root panel of the form. NPR-28758: Hotfix for CQ-4264157
  • Unable to set value between the fields of lazy loaded fragments of an adaptive form. NPR-27758: Hotfix for CQ-4259703
  • Adaptive form does not use Rich text Editor but loads its libraries. NPR-27759: Hotfix for CQ-4259193
  • Redirect to URL is not working for adaptive forms embeded in an AEM Sites page. NPR-27620: Hotfix for CQ-4239287
  • Unable to set value between the fields of lazy loaded fragments of an adaptive form. NPR-28320: Hotfix for CQ-4262345
  • Adaptive form does not use Rich text Editor but loads its libraries. NPR-28001: Hotfix for CQ-4259703, CQ-4259193
  • Scribble Signature does not work for AEM Forms App running on Apple iOS 12.1. NPR-28497: Hotfix for CQ-4261765
  • Submit Action using 'Forms Workflow' Classic authoring issues in 6.4. Hotfix for CQ-4252740
  • Error handling block and tmp storage removal. NPR-28806: Hotfix for CQ-4264441
Forms - Correspondence Management
  • Agent UI fails to retain original size of the image. NPR-28800: Hotfix for CQ-4259767
  • CCR/Agent UI: Labels of Date fields shifted in Data tab. Hotfix for CQ-4255499
Forms - Transaction Reporting
  • Added support to count using digital signatures or certifying a document as billable transactions. NPR-28495: Hotfix for CQ-4260236
  • Added Digital signature and Certify to Billable API. Hotfix for CQ-4260236
Forms Management
Added support to replace usage of handlebars client library with underscore in Forms Manager's start review wizard and move asset wizard. NPR-27643: Hotfix for CQ-4246536. One bundle remains in installed state after installing Forms Management package on release/640 branch. Hotfix for CQ-4265410 Forms submitted with attachments in them are not appearing in workflow with submit action "Invoke AEM Forms Workflow" & enable portal submit checked . Hotfix for CQ-4263110
Forms - Backend Integration
  • Unable to do testing of pre/post preprocessor and custom submit using Client SDK, Hotfix for CQ-4238469
Forms JEE installer
Forms - Document Security
  • On using the updatepolicy service, the cannot coerse object error occurs. NPR-28751: Hotfix for CQ-4252287
  • Signature Build failing with older version of commons-pkg. Hotfix for CQ-4265535
Forms - Foundation JEE
  • When AEM Forms is inatlled on IBM WebSphere, creating a Form Data Model based on SOAP fails. NPR-27923: Hotfix for CQ-4251134
  • SRT tool of PDF Generator fails to detect installed version of Adobe Acrobat. NPR-27971
Forms - Designer
  • Some JPEG images in an XDP template do not render properly. NPR-26702: Hotfix for LC-3917457
Forms - Workflow
  • HTML5 Forms with default submit process in an.lca do not work on JBoss 7. NPR-28675: Hotfix for CQ-4243928
  • Unable to submit PDF Forms in HTML Workspace. NPR-28058: Hotfix for CQ-4260373
  • Customer data gets printed in info logs using Invoke FDM Service Forms Workflow. Hotfix for CQ-4260385
Feature Packs Included
  • Content Fragments versioning compare difference improvements for AEM 6.4. NPR-26760: FP for CQ-4248839
  • Content Fragments variation difference improvements for AEM 6.4. NPR-27866: FP for CQ-4248839
  • Enabled feature in OSGI configuration AEM Workflow Withdraw Feature Flag . The withdraw action should terminate the workflow instance after setting the flag. NPR-26451: Hotfix for CQ-4259090
  • Enhanced Query Builder Facet Extraction leverage Oak API for 6.4. NPR-26674: FP for CQ-4230337
OSGI bundles and content packages included
The following text documents the list of OSGI bundles and content packages included in the CFP.
List of OSGi bundles included in AEM
List of Content Packages included in AEM


AEM is an important update that includes performance, stability, security and key customer fixes and enhancements released since the general availability of AEM 6.4 in April 2018.
It is also cumulative which means that includes all AEM 6.4 service packs release before it.
Some of the key highlights of AEM are:
  • The built-in repository (Apache Jackrabbit Oak) is updated to version 1.8.9.
  • Added support for allowedPaths property on Adaptive forms templates.
  • Enhanced panel based search for Assets in AEM
  • Cross-site scripting (XSS) fixes in the Login page.
  • Improved UI instrumentation.
  • Improvements in FormData handling.
  • Improved handling of item naming inside a Multifield.
  • Improved handling of placeholder items (Card View and List View) during selection.
  • Added Adobe IMS Authentication and Admin Console Support for Managed Services.
  • The DAM Update Asset workflow does not extract references from INDD files if the IDS Decouple option is enabled. NPR-26243; Hotfix for CQ-4250933
  • The success message is not displayed when assets are published with Assets Bulk Editor. NPR-26252; Hotfix for CQ-4251688.
  • Having looked at an asset from a search result, if you click the Back button in the browser, it leads to a 'Bad Request' error message with 400 error code. NPR 26578; Hotfix for CQ-4253741
  • The asset metadata shows invalid namespace error after installing a service pack. NPR-22341; Quickfix for CQ-4237202
  • The option to reorder folders and content fragments in list view is not displayed for the applicable folders. NPR-27153; Hotfix for CQ-4255873
  • Users are not able to add assets to a new collection, as it results in an error message with a broken image in the error popup dialog. NPR-22431; Hotfix for CQ-4237086
  • Cascading dropdown is not supported on dynamic dropdown lists. NPR-27043; Hotfix for CQ-4252564
  • If users set a non-default value for the 'Company Root Folder' in the DMS7 cloud config, the Viewer Preset does not work as expected. NPR-26360; Hotfix for CQ-4249505
  • Asset reporting is failing for instances with a very large number of assets. NPR-27278; Hotfix for CQ-4256748
  • Subfolders do not inherit the parent folder's SmartCrop image profile. NPR-27197; Hotfix for CQ-4256273
  • When Dynamic Media integration is enabled, some metadata properties of Assets are modified. The width, the height, and the location attributes are not displayed. NPR-27203; Hotfix for CQ-4256258
  • Dynamic Media does not use the configured proxy for some types of assets. NPR-25211; Hotfix for CQ-4244871
  • Metadata Editor page contains Null Pointer Exception for invalid item parameter. NPR-26169; Hotfix for CQ-4241368.
  • If a drop-down has a choice rule and a required rule applied to it, the required rule cannot be satisfied in the metadata editor. NPR-27479; Hotfix of CQ-4251428
  • A user can control the rich text editor features in the in-line full screen mode using content policies, but cannot control the Edit Dialog rich text editor features with content policies. NPR-26750: Hotfix for CQ-4241130
  • Rich text editor becomes un-usable when switched from full screen to floating dialog. The floating view contains two rich text editors. NPR-25589: Hotfix for CQ-4206008
  • When the return key (Enter key) is pressed in a text field, the rich text editor switches to full-screen mode. NPR-26204: Hotfix for CQ-4245893
  • List plugin of rich text editor is disabled automatically and does not allow modifications. NPR-26507: Hotfix for CQ-4239387
  • When a special character is added to the rich text editor window, the window scrolls to the top. NPR-26435: Hotfix for CQ-4249869
  • Client Context segment.js caching vs. non-caching questions. NPR-26622: Hotfix for CQ-4253486
  • When a child rule is activated from the author instance to the publish instance, the publish instance stops working. NPR-26601: Hotfix for CQ-4253588
  • When the rich text editor is combined with multiple fields, the Uncaught TypeError: fieldAPI.getName is not a function at foundation.js error occurs. NPR-27146: Hotfix for CQ-4253155
  • Salesforce integration is not able to use the proxy configuration. NPR-27244: Hotfix for CQ-4245300
  • When you schedule a page for activation using the Manage Publication option for a later date and switch to the list view, the calendar icon is missing. NPR-26974: Hotfix for CQ-4239206
  • Users are not able to edit closed user group permissions in the page properties. NPR-27138: Hotfix for CQ-4256089 Unable to edit tags via tagging. NPR-26957: Hotfix for CQ-4254858
  • When a tag referenced from a structured content fragment model is moved, the existing references to the tag within a content fragment is not updated. This happens in the edit screen of the content fragment model. NPR-26776: Hotfix for CQ-4251805
  • When you create and promote a launch with several pages, multiple version for each page are created. NPR-26917: Hotfix for CQ-4254663
  • AEM siteadmin does not handle paths typed into the browser address bar. NPR-26780: Hotfix for CQ-4254097
  • When a page is moved to a new location without renaming it, the version history of the page is lost. NPR-26706: Hotfix for CQ-4254025
  • URLs in experience fragment admin editor does not allow overlays. NPR-26319: Hotfix for CQ-4252156
  • When a page is created with a template containing empty experience fragment and published, the page fails to open and a DefaultSlingScript error occurs. NPR-26305: Hotfix for CQ-4252460
  • When data-sly-use is used with classes with identical name, non-compliable code is produced. NPR-27282: Hotfix for Sling-7581
  • Post upgrade SP installation, the sites have blank blueprint rollout configuration. NPR-27609: Hotfix for CQ-4257078
DAM - Brand Portal
  • Tag predicates are not published when metadata schema form is published to Brand Portal. Hotfix for CQ-4256218
  • When a third-level folder is published from AEM to Brand Portal,without publishing the parent folders, the folder name changes. Hotfix for CQ-4255423
  • The path browser predicate is published from AEM Assets to Brand Portal as expected. However, the published path at BP remains /content/dam, which must be updated. Hotfix for CQ-4256240
DAM - Creative Cloud
  • "Search Adobe Assets" Icon is missing from the AEM main navigation. Hotfix for CQ-4254343
DAM - DM Client
  • After ingesting videos into a folder associated with the AVS Video Processing Profile, the browser window refreshes over and over again. Hotfix for CQ-4253563
  • YouTube Publish fails when using an Ad Hoc Tag that includes uppercase characters. Hotfix for CQ-4252477
  • When an annotation is created in an asset like PDF, the UI starts an infinite page refresh loop. NPR-27052: Hotfix for CQ-4255396
DAM - DM Services
  • Dynamic Media does not use the configured proxy for some types of assets. NPR-10727; Hotfix for CQ-4244871
  • Performance issues with NPR-26812: Hotfix for SLING-7543
  • Unable to see the node properties when the input XML is formatted and deployed. NPR-26198: Hotfix for CQ-4250448
  • IndexOutOfBoundsException in ResourceProviderTracker. NPR-26968: Hotfix for GRANITE-23310
  • JMX console accumulates numerous admin sessions and a new session is opened every 5 minutes. NPR-26958: Hotfix for CQ-4251090
  • After upgrading from 6.2 to 6.4, the log file shows stack trace for unclosed resource resolver NPR-26176: Hotfix for Granite-21734
  • When an out-of-the-box dispatcher flush agent is configured to update aliases, the operation fails with a StackOverflowError. NPR-26373: Hotfix for CQ-4242928
  • Replication uses expired OAuth token until it fails. NPR-25894
  • Restricted page (Closed User Group page) with sling: alias does not redirect the user to the login page. NPR-25715: Hotfix for Granite=22263
  • On publishing tags, no activity is displayed on the UI. Hotfix for CQ-4255961
  • Unable to edit tags in classic UI. Hotfix for CQ-4258697
  • Updated org.apache.felix.http.bridge to version 4.0.4. NPR-27038: Backport for Granite - 23334
  • Package manager activity logs should be extracted in a separate log file. NPR-27323: Hotfix for Granite-14866
  • Package validator does not report overlays in CFP. NPR-27119: Hotfix for GRANITE-22825
  • ACP API mishandles paging with only subdirectory children. NPR-27617: Hotfix for CQ-4258639
  • Unable to login to the repository after installing AEM 6.4 Service Pack 2. NPR-27171: Hotfix for Granite-23317
  • Audit Log remains open with active sessions which keep on constantly increasing with ~750 each day. NPR-27062: Hotfix for CQ-4241350
  • Forum posts and replies are added on top of the second page and when refreshed, the post moves to the correct location on top of the first page. NPR-27342: Hotfix for CQ-4247338
  • Links to all the resources drop the context path (/aempublish) after scrolling. NPR-26982: Hotfix for CQ-4254345
  • Added groups are not visible in Community Managers, Community Moderators and Privileged Member drop-down on editing a published site. NPR-27190: Hotfix for CQ-4258574
  • Only 10 groups are listed in enablement resources page even if pagination is enabled for group listing. NPR-26934: Hotfix for CQ-4252985
  • Option to enable/disable search for Scheduled Post in journal component is provided in ConfigMgr, and SearchScheduledPosts job is optimized. NPR-26923: Hotfix for CQ-4250463
  • Search by keywords in address does not work in calendar component page when AEM community is set to work with DSRP. NPR-26737: Hotfix for CQ-4258493
  • Implemented direct link to the comment instead of the main post in a comment's detail, for moderation UI & enablement resources. NPR-26704: Hotfix for CQ-4251381
  • Content moderated through multi-selection on moderation console does not appear on Activity Stream. NPR-26695: Hotfix for CQ-4253244
  • Search with First Name and Last Name in To field of Communities Messaging does not return the expected result. NPR-26385: Hotfix for CQ-4248673
  • Error observed when uploading an attachment other than image (for example .pdf) in Forum. NPR-27360: Hotfix for CQ-4257753
  • Unpin or unfeature a forum post does not work if Author-Publish is set with MySQL DSRP. NPR-26125; Hotfix for CQ-4251520
  • Collection components (forums, blogs, calendar, ideation, QnA) now have a property in the component dialog to enable/disable "Block UGC in Author Edit Mode", to allow/deny UGC load in WCM Edit mode. NPR-26978: Hotfix for CQ-4248161
  • Tags Search does not work for localized search terms. NPR-26171: Hotfix for CQ-4249926
  • Back button skips a page in the forum search. NPR-26950: Hotfix for CQ-4254804
  • AEM instance running on default Http port (80) cannot reach the imsmanifest.xml. NPR-27173: Hotfix for CQ-4252211
  • Unmark comment as an answer for QnA does not work if AEM Communities is set with DSRP. NPR-26247: Hotfix for CQ-4252232
  • Cannot call Adobe Storage: 414 error - Long GET URI observed when users search /content/community-components/en/search.html and select author field as one of the filters for that search term. NPR-26643: Hotfix for CQ-4251303
  • Dropdown value for DataCentreURL in ASRP configuration is changed from Dallas to Virginia (for VA6). NPR-26936: Hotfix for CQ-4254434
  • Special characters in forum search return errors or no results. NPR-26930: Hotfix for CQ-4247744
  • The number displayed for "Number of results" in forum search uses incorrect delimiter for English and German locales. NPR-27050: Hotfix for CQ-4248939
  • Unread notifications do not increase beyond 21. NPR-26946, NPR-27480: Hotfix for CQ-4252829, CQ-4256939
  • Pagination in the comments section of any component makes users scroll up to see the page content, on reaching a page through pagination. NPR-27032: Hotfix for CQ-4251228
  • Community Site folder is not clickable on thumbnail image when viewing from admin console on AEM Author instance. NPR-26986: Hotfix for CQ-4254036
  • The "mark all read" option marks only first 10 notifications as read and others remain unread until a page refresh. NPR-27037: Hotfix for CQ-4254058
  • Pagination is not triggered for Ideation and the list of topics (or replies) gets longer unless it is reloaded. NPR-26193: Hotfix for CQ-4252104
  • Other users' activities and deleted UGC visible on logging in with moderator credentials and adding "#social-activities" or "#tabs-2" at the end of the moderator's profile URL. Hotfix for CQ-4251355
  • All the assigned tags cannot be removed from a blog article. NPR-26851: Hotfix for CQ-4253359
  • Relationships to UGC are not deleted on UGC deletion. NPR-27630: Hotfix for CQ-4258706
  • Link for replies does not work on row click on Forum replies. NPR-27623: Hotfix for CQ-4256138
  • User Subscription limit is limited to 1000. NPR-27614: Hotfix for CQ-4254689
  • Editing a site and editing roles in the role settings throw Null Pointer Exception. NPR-27377; Hotfix for CQ-4255909
  • Translation preview does not work with the we.retail sample content. NPR-26727: Hotfix for CQ-4241179
UI - Foundation
  • A NullPointerException is returned when attempting to download configurations after upgrading to AEM 6.4. NPR-27310: Hotfix for Granite-23573
  • Proactive Backport for granite.platform.login fixes. NPR-26941
  • Proactive Backport for granite.ui.content fixes. NPR-26294
  • Number field component does not validate negative numbers on Internet Explorer 11. NPR-26701
  • Proactive Backport for granite.ui.coralui3 fixes. NPR-26662
  • Proactive Backport for granite.ui.coralui3-aeon fixes. NPR-26666
  • Proactive Backport for fixes. NPR-27313
  • Proactive Backport for granite.ui.commons fixes. NPR-26753
  • Proactive Foundation UI Backports. NPR-26248
  • Modifications in AEM experiences created through the targeting engine are not published. NPR-24869: Hotfix for CQ-4247832
  • Cannot create multiple activities and experiences if their names include Japanese characters. NPR-27271: Hotfix for CQ-4256857
  • Update Launch API endpoint. NPR-26790: Hotfix for CQ-4254380
  • (Personalization) BrandsRetriever walks the entire tree. NPR-27060: Hotfix for CQ-4255790
WCM - Admin UI
  • Added HTTP test for publishing/unpublishing a page with references and an UI test for Live Copy. Hotfix for CQ-4256894
WCM - Page Editor
  • Edit toolbar gets disabled for components on the first edit. Hotfix for CQ-4253270
The key highlights for AEM forms are:
  • Enabled support for an array/list of objects with Dynamic Entity Substitution.
  • Enabled FIPS compliance for Reader Extended workflow in Digital Signature, Reader Extensions, CryptoProvider, and TrustStore.
  • Added PDF/UA support to XFA forms generated using Designer or Output Service.
  • Enabled support for allowedPaths property on Adaptive forms templates.
  • Added JBoss 7.1.4 support for AEM Forms 6.4.
Forms add-on package
Backend Integration
  • Unable to populate form data model mappings based on dynamic entities in SOAP response. NPR-26428: Hotfix for CQ-4250639
  • The value for _elementNamespace in form data model additional data, entered using Test UI, is not correctly reflected in the SOAP request. Hotfix for CQ-4255373
  • A nullable property constraint is initialized with a default value and cannot be synced with FDM. Hotfix for CQ-4253873
  • The default value for the nullable property is not set to True for OData data source. Hotfix for CQ-4253870
Adaptive Forms
  • Unable to load sites and forms editor. NPR-26977; Hotfix for CQ-4249170
  • Issues while adding an attachment to an adaptive form using the keyboard. NPR-25913; Hotfix for CQ-4249456
Forms - Interactive Communication
  • Unable to move a panel that has been added using the Add child panel option in the content tree in Web channel of Interactive Communication and in adaptive forms. Hotfix for CQ-4253915
  • Table names are displayed instead of the title of the FDM association in the Data Sources section of Print channel. Hotfix for CQ-4253669
  • The isUseXFABullets() function is not disabled in PrintChannelRenderOptions class and is available in client SDK. Hotfix for CQ-4246583, CQ-4252700
Correspondence Management
  • Javadocs for 6.4 does not contain the com.adobe.dbforms.* package and the corresponding classes. Hotfix for CQ-4253200
  • CCR UI displays a default junk value for the date field in case there is no input from the test data XML. Hotfix for CQ-4252041
  • If a letter contains a list module, the space between bullet and text is lost while generating PDF from the letter. Hotfix for CQ-4250588
Forms Manager
  • Enabled support for allowedPaths property on Adaptive forms templates. NPR-26598: Hotfix for CQ-4255892
Forms - Workflow
  • If braces are included in the task name while executing the Forms workflow, an exception is displayed in the logs. Hotfix for CQ-4256626
  • Unable to open a Search template in AEM Forms workspace. Hotfix for CQ-4255651
Mobile Forms
  • The exit notification does not display while exiting the date field in AEM Forms rendered as HTML in Internet Explorer or Chrome. NPR-26483: Hotfix for CQ-4239352
  • Dates contained in the XML when processing begins causes the forms to throw up a validation error when the user tries to leave the form. NPR-26787: Hotfix for CQ-4251211
Forms JEE installer
PDF Generator Service
  • Unable to display Standards Reporting and Compliance settings for PDF Generator. NPR-26715: Hotfix for CQ-4253384
  • convertpdf binary file is missing in the AIX Forms add-on package,which causes failure while invoking the PDFA service. Hotfix for CQ-4257873
  • The paper capture service crashes while processing TIFF files. NPR-28079: Hotfix for CQ-4240649
Document Services
  • Add FIPS compliance for RE workflow in Digital Signature, Reader Extensions, CryptoProvider, and TrustStore. NPR-27495: Hotfix for CQ-4257572
  • The conversion fails while running AssemblerService.toPDFA service in a loop. NPR-26354: Hotfix for CQ-4248656
  • Unable to validate the PDFs compliance correctly based on PDF/A-1b standards. NPR-26286: Hotfix for CQ-4227539
  • Out of memory issues while upgrading AEM Forms from 6.1 SP2 CFP5 to CFP13. NPR-26285: Hotfix for CQ-4244379
  • Unable to validate the PDFs compliance correctly based on PDF/A standards. NPR-26272: Hotfix for CQ-4248823
Forms - Foundation JEE
  • Added JBoss 7.1.4 support for AEM Forms 6.4. NPR-27331; Hotfix for CQ-4255601
Feature Packs included
  • Enabled support for an array/list of objects with Dynamic Entity Substitution. NPR-26590: Hotfix for CQ-4254655
OSGI Bundles and Content Packages Included
List of OSGi bundles included in AEM
List of Content Packages included in AEM


AEM is an important update that includes performance, stability, security and key customer fixes and enhancements released since the general availability of AEM 6.4 in April 2018. It is also cumulative which means that includes all AEM 6.4 service packs release before it.
Some of the key highlights of AEM are:
  • The built-in repository (Apache Jackrabbit Oak) is updated to version 1.8.7.
  • Added support for HTML Template Language (HTL) Specification 1.4 features
  • Added support for MongoDB Enterprise 3.6.
  • The Sites Page Editor adds support for in-context editing and composition with client-side components build in React or Angular in combination with SPA Introduction and Walkthrough AEM's SPA Editor JS SDK.
  • Content Fragments enhancements: added the capability to annotate in text fields, and side-by-side comparison of versions.
  • Added integration with Adobe Stock so that the users can search, preview, save and license Adobe Stock assets directly from AEM user interface. For more detailed information, see Using Adobe Stock assets with AEM Assets .
  • Assets added support for dynamic conditional metaschema and the ability to set a metadata schema for asset folders.
  • Added configuration in each component to enable/disable the folder thumbnail creation/update functionality.
  • Image Editor enhancements on page authoring.
  • Regression fix in Communities for scoring event not getting handled properly in case of selected answer getting deleted.
  • Revised the maximum search results limit for solr to MAX_INT-10000.
  • Transaction Flush job is started only on the first call to storeTransaction.
  • "Select All" button is now available in Card View and Column View.
  • Accessibility improvements in CoralUI.
  • Improved Coral.Keys handling.
  • Updated moment.js to 2.22.2
  • Updated jquery to 1.12.1
  • Introduced foundation-workflowstatus component.
  • Updated GCC to latest version.
  • Move SAML to new external IDP synchronization.
  • Subassets generation for pptx file does not contain any images and thumbnails. NPR-24286: Hotfix for CQ-4217986
  • migrateAllAssets - Add support for batch processing and improve AEM method that adds UUID to old assets. NPR-24861: Hotfix for CQ-4242863 and CQ-4247874
  • Performance issue with thumbnail generation. NPR-24693: Hotfix for CQ-4246960
  • (Touch UI) The “options predicate” component remains blank when added to the Asset Share publisher page. NPR-24643: Hotfix for CQ-4245295
  • (Workflow) Smart Tag Assets doesn't process through the proxy configuration. NPR-25840: Hotfix for CQ-4248202
  • (Omnisearch) removing filetype:image from search criteria does not remove the image type. NPR-25232: Hotfix for CQ-4248280
  • When trying to move a file to a different folder, folders with apostrophe in their name are not displayed. NPR-25125: Hotfix for CQ-4248660
  • Slider in Subasset page does not work correctly when the language preference set to other than English. NPR-25274: Hotfix for CQ-4248489
  • Issue with metadata export csv file when opened on machines having European number format. NPR-26009: Hotfix for CQ-4250677
  • Create button is not available on asset folder selection without "delete" permission. NPR-25788: Hotfix for CQ-4250140
  • (Backport) Accessibility enhancements: Duplicate-id: id attribute value must be unique, Label: Form elements must have labels and Link-name: Links must have discernible text. NPR-24252: Hotfix for CQ-4250905, CQ-4250906, CQ-4250907
  • Uploading a csv with fields separated with "," fails for European countries. NPR-25549: Hotfix for CQ-4249931
  • (Brand Portal) Subassets of a multipage pdf file do not publish when an asset is published. NPR-25991: Hotfix for CQ-4245162
  • Publish later functionality for AEM to Brand Portal replication. NPR-25911: Hotfix for CQ-109139
  • Publishing and un-publishing the private collection by non-admin users results in a NPE. NPR-25906: Hotfix for CQ-4250594
  • Disable publish of content fragment and forms schemas to Brand Portal. NPR-24176, NPR-26004: Hotfix for CQ-4251592, CQ-4252026
  • (Dynamic Media) Updated DM viewers to 5.10.1 release which enables check for duplicate names on Image Preset page. Refer to Update Dynamic Media Viewers (5.10.1). NPR-24403: Hotfix for CQ-4247554
  • Javascript error in browser console in column view on selecting an asset or folder. NPR-25939: Hotfix for CQ-4250228
  • (Column view) Unable to identify tasks as the key file shows up as blank white entry. NPR-25903: Hotfix for CQ-4246307
  • Query of datasource.jsp on AEM 6.2 is different from AEM 6.4. NPR-24968: Hotfix for CQ-4244235
  • (Classic UI) Unable to add tags to pages. NPR-25255, NPR-25612: Hotfix for CQ-4249615
  • HTML Template Language Specification 1.4 features backported to AEM NPR-24585
  • Wrong inheritance on local component after copying a live copy page. NPR-25920: Hotfix for CQ-4236737, CQ-4248957
  • ON/OFF time is stored in crx/de but doesn't fetch the same in page properties UI console. NPR-25154: Hotfix for CQ-4243431
  • Styles System breaks dialog's initial properties values. NPR-25648: Hotfix for CQ-4250073
  • When defining a cq:tagName property in a cq:htmlTag node, the tag name is not considered if the component is included via JSP. NPR-24154: Hotfix for CQ-4244120
  • For a nested parsys components, always the first (with least nested path) satisfying design is applied from multiple available components. For more information, see Design Path Resolution . NPR-24973: Hotfix for CQ-4246276
  • When pasting text into an RTE component, a pop-up dialog is displayed, but not rendered properly. NPR-24895: Hotfix for CQ-4245901
  • (RTE) Performance issues with mandatory field indicator. NPR-24894: Hotfix for CQ-4241895
  • (Page component) Adding a component to Parsys gets cropped off from right and comes out the device frame width. NPR-25536: Hotfix for CQ-4238224
  • Plaintext editor sends un-trimmed data and adds extra spaces. NPR-25312: Hotfix for CQ-4249006
  • While opening the component using inlide mode, plugins loaded previously are not visible the second time. NPR-24610: Hotfix for CQ-4236850
  • Loading an XF in editor view by copy/paste does not load the master variation automatically. NPR-24841: Hotfix for CQ-4248037
  • Wrong HTML structure in siteadmin / damadmin breaks IE11. NPR-24686: Hotfix for CQ-4246363, CQ-4248402
  • (Manage Publication Wizard) Calendar for activation date at Options step does not open after some actions at Scope step. NPR-25681: Hotfix for CQ-4250205
  • Classic UI does not work to edit CUG due to deprecation. NPR-25075: Hotfix for 4241823
  • Create option unavailable to create experience fragments. NPR-26053: Hotfix for CQ-4249923
  • XF variation is getting activated twice hence, generating duplicate IDs for the same item. NPR-24179: Hotfix for CQ-4245093
  • Foundation table is vulnerable to Stored Cross Site Scripting. NPR-25185: Hotfix for CQ-4240760
  • 'Invalid recursion selector value' error while migrating a component from AEM to AEM 6.4. NPR-24146
WCM - Page Editor
  • Multiple stacked Parsys due to long-running queries (more than 6) makes AEM sluggish. Hotfix for CQ-4240247
  • JS error when adding empty cq:tagName in cq:htmlTag node. Hotfix for CQ-4251852
  • Update EditableActions based on the columnClassNames relocation. Hotfix for CQ-4250781
  • Expose resource and model paths using a single property and attribute. Hotfix for CQ-4251255
  • Revert export.json API breaking changes. Hotfix for CQ-4251854
  • (Editable SPA) Release candidate for 1.0.0. Hotfix for CQ-4251991
  • Edit toolbar gets disabled for other components on editing any one component. Hotfix for CQ-4253270
  • Library and Download URL fields should be editable. NPR-24804: Hotfix for CQ-4246864
  • Issue with multiple DTM configurations. NPR-24685: Hotfix for CQ-4247293
  • Added support for asynchronous deployment for hosted client libraries. NPR-25716: Hotfix for CQ-4245745
  • Targeted component with missing corresponding offer renders the whole page and instead of an empty targeted component, another full rendition of the page is added. NPR-25273: Hotfix for CQ-4248003
  • Target engine (mbox.js, at.js) does not use mangled URLs and uses URLs containing colons which might fail with certain deployments. NPR-25339: Hotfix for CQ-4237854
  • (Launch)LibraryDownloadProcess stores wrong libraryUri value. NPR-25330: Hotfix for CQ-4250006
  • Reindexing loop | NPE while performing the BinaryTextExtraction during inplace upgrade from 6.3 to 6.4. Hotfix for Granite - 21677
  • Cross-boundary override of internal marked path /libs/cq/cloudserviceconfigs/templates/configpage/jcr:content - Issue while running pattern detector. NPR-25036: Hotfix for CQ-4248597
  • Log entries not written due to NPE in LogEntryImpl. NPR-25627: Hotfix for Granite-22383
  • Replication of delete event doesn't check for rights. NPR-25679: Hotfix for CQ-4241234
  • Added STARTTLS support in "Day CQ Mail Service.” NPR-25611: Hotfix for CQ-4249924
  • Proactive backport for granite.platform.login fixes to improve accessibility. NPR-25176: Hotfix for Granite 21746 and Granite-21309
  • (AEM 6.4) Error while re-building package and re-installing it. NPR-25173: Hotfix for CQ-4247939
  • Removed default MERGE_PRESERVE aclHandling. NPR-24593: Hotfix for Granite-21889
  • Content-Type is not propogated and missing in the response after applying the ContentDispositionFilter twice. NPR-24175: Hotfix for Sling-7525
  • Package Manager status wrong after upgrade to AEM 6.4 branch. NPR-24551: Hotfix for Granite-21750
  • AMS instance - Error logs analysis. Hotfix for CQ-4249567
  • SAML re-login redirects to logout page using Okta IDP. NPR-25523: Hotfix for GRANITE-22364
  • IMS Authentication via OAK external IDP OAuth Provider configs disables the user created in AEM. NPR-25301: Hotfix for Granite-22363
MAC - Test & Target Integration
  • (Targeting) Text component error during Targeting. Hotfix for CQ-4233343
  • (File Library) Downloading assets with blank spaces from causes format issues. NPR-24260: Hotfix for CQ-4245159
  • Fixes to several Adobe Social issues. NPR-24247: Hotfix for CQ-4245054, CQ-4245120, CQ-4245296
  • Infiinite scroll for members and groups console fail in case author publish run on different context paths. NPR-24437: Hotfix for CQ-4246013
  • The post does not return to the unanswered state even on removing from the answered state and the score does not decrement. NPR-24419: Hotfix for CQ-4245797, CQ-4245932
  • Events added using calendar functionality in communities outputs wrong values. NPR-24883: Hotfix for CQ-4244056
  • (Communities Forum) Issues with Pagination click and Page load behavior. NPR-24880: Hotfix for CQ-4246109
  • (Chrome) Timezone conversions fail on communities events. NPR-24881: Hotfix for CQ-4247115
  • Unable to render embedded object in Email. NPR-24999: Hotfix for CQ-4248022
  • Automoderation sequence should be executed on UGC update in addition to UGC creation. NPR-25892: Hotfix for CQ-4251399
  • Modal dialog responsiveness on Groups. NPR-25623: Hotfix for CQ-4248805
  • Solr exception is thrown on content deletion. NPR-25869: Hotfix for CQ-4248908
  • Paginated links to threads with lots of posts does not work on Notifications. NPR-25678: Hotfix for CQ-4243038
  • Time values in search result display server time instead of the client's time zone. NPR-25594: Hotfix for CQ-4248986
  • (Forum comments) Browser back button is not working as expected. NPR-25205: Hotfix for CQ-4248573
  • (Search results) Browser back button is not working as expected. NPR-25214: Hotfix for CQ-4248574
  • Null is returned when overlaying communitygroupmemberlist component. NPR-25228: Hotfix for CQ-4248523
  • (Communities Calendar) ClassCastException is generated while saving the event with the new Cover image. NPR-25167: Hotfix for CQ-4248662
  • (Communities) Messages getting truncated. NPR-25326
  • (AEM Publish) Scorm Resource fails with context path and shows blank screen. NPR-26155: Hotfix for CQ-4251942
  • (MSRP) The newly created calendar is saved partially throwing NPE in the error log. NPR-26071: Hotfix for CQ-4250531
  • Forum/Topic pagination only gets updated when the page is refreshed. NPR-26070, NPR-25965: Hotfix for CQ-4249509
  • (Q&A Forum) Unable to navigate to previous page on opening a direct link to a comment. NPR-26069: Hotfix for CQ-4251699
  • Upload image in Create group does not work on mobile. NPR-26172: Hotfix for CQ-4251703
  • (Messaging) When using DSRP, name of message receiver is always shown as "Unknown". NPR-26056: Hotfix for CQ-4251397
  • Enablement Scorm Resource completion status label appears empty in UI. NPR-26034: Hotfix for CQ-4249994
  • While creating a new community group, a duplicate community group is created on an active/active mongoMK cluster. NPR-26032: Hotfix for CQ-4245884
  • (Author) Group creation wizard takes too long to load/create a group within the wizard. NPR-26031: Hotfix for CQ-4244966
  • Parsys disappears on adding an include statement in the hbs script. NPR-25908: Hotfix for CQ-4250489
  • On enabling 'Allow privileged', the privileged members should only be able to compose for users who are community members. NPR-25877: Hotfix for CQ-4248450
  • Deeplinks blocked for enablement. NPR-25966: Hotfix for CQ-4251478
  • Forum pagination does not get updated dynamically on removal of replies. NPR-25970: Hotfix for CQ-4248975, CQ-4252843
  • Auto Scroll and highlighting does not work on calendar and filelib events in case of nested comments. NPR-25958: Hotfix for CQ-4251471
  • (DSRP) Direct/Deep Link performance degrading with high amounts of User Generated Content. NPR-25957: Hotfix for CQ-4251470
  • Unable to modify the properties of Allow Privileged Members and Privileged members. NPR-26014: Hotfix for CQ-4244592
  • Mark all as read resets the notification counters for all community pages. NPR-25931: Hotfix for CQ-4248612
  • Edit ITs failing for DSRP. NPR-25929: Hotfix for CQ-4251382
  • Email ITs failing due to NPE while building email templates. NPR-26039: Hotfix for CQ-4250962
  • Forum thread issues when embedding images with very high resolution. NPR-26037: Hotfix for CQ-4244453, CQ-4253099
  • Time displays switches when server time zone differs from the user time zone. NPR-26036: Hotfix for CQ-4248751
  • Attaching a file twice with same name to a forum post leads to server error. NPR-24172: Hotfix for CQ-4244367
  • Backport performance fixes - Group pagination on author and publish, Group search on author, Avoiding serialization of replies for journal,calendar and ideation and lazy loading for getting group membership (invite/uninvite) button for each group while viewing the group listing page. NPR-24538: Hotfix for CQ-4246515
  • Enablement Resources are not visible on author. Hotfix for CQ-4252618
  • Notifications do not get generated for thread from unknown user. Hotfix for CQ-4245132
  • Group search does not appear on left rail. Hotfix for CQ-4252621
  • (Author) Pagination is not working for Groups Console. Hotfix for CQ-4242786
  • jQuery UI upgrade. Hotfix for CQ-4248894
  • Upgrade to latest SCORM 2017.1 version. NPR-25675: Hotfix for CQ-4240671
  • The "Compose on Behalf" fields is visible to non-community users. NPR-25331: Hotfix for CQ-4247858
  • Post is still visible on UI even after deletion and gives error on console. NPR-26290: Hotfix for CQ-4252803
  • (Site settings) Umable to save changes done to Roles. NPR-26274: Hotfix for CQ-4252187
  • (Security Vulnerability) Account Takeover due to JSON Web Token Misconfiguration. NPR-26458: Hotfix for CQ-4253314
  • Pagination is not reset upon removal of replies. NPR-26326: Hotfix for CQ-4252997
  • Attachment image is not displayed in Drafts while editing. Hotfix for CQ-4253360
  • Page is not refreshing while attaching attachment in Relational Database (DSRP). Hotfix for CQ-4253084
  • Groups are not working inside Enablement site resource. Hotfix for CQ-4252975
  • Prerequisites Learning Paths are not persisted in Enablement. Hotfix for CQ-4252948
  • Workflow launcher UI does not display past 41 launcher configurations and triggers a javascript error in the console. NPR-25028: Hotfix for CQ-4247604
  • Editing a legacy workflow without editing its launcher causes multiple workflows to get created on any workflow which contains an Activate Page/Asset step. NPR-25870: Hotfix for CQ-4250896
  • Incorrect link in workflow payload if page has a metadata node. NPR-25916: Hotfix for CQ-4250733
  • Fixed that importing translated project makes two concurrent POST requests, hence, causing error. NPR-24889: Hotfix for CQ-4247638
  • Fixed that when creating translation project for multiple languages, all the pages for the same language get added to the same job. NPR-25091: Hotfix for CQ-4246112
  • Fixed that in some cases, translation job only list the top 40 pages. NPR-25974: Hotfix for CQ-4248661
  • DataPicker component (Coral2) not changing the year. NPR-24466: Hotfix for Granite-21893
UI - Foundation
  • Proactive Foundation UI Backports. NPR-24344, NPR-24345, NPR-25176, NPR-25095, NPR-24332, NPR-25653, NPR-25932, NPR-25935, NPR-25976
  • (Design Importer) Importing a page does not import the js,css. NPR-25203: Hotfix for Granite-22236
  • Proactive Foundation UI Backports to improve the stability of the product. NPR-24334
MAC - Test & Target Integration
  • Second page of PersonalizationWizard ( launched by "Start Targeting" ) is blank and throws console errors. Hotfix for CQ-4253277
Experience Fragments
  • Merged Experience Fragments/Target Integration to AEM Hotfix for CQ-4248653
Content Fragment Management
  • Content Fragments annotations, and side-by-side comparison of Content Fragment versions. Hotfix for CQ-4247148
DAM - General
  • “Checked out by" filter not working correctly within search. Hotfix for CQ-4247070
  • On performing asset update workflow, the asset language copy and its thumbnail becomes blank. Hotfix for CQ-4250641
  • Duplicate-id: id attribute value must be unique. Hotfix for CQ-4250905
  • Label: Form elements must have labels. Hotfix for CQ-4250906
  • Link-name: Links must have discernible text. Hotfix for CQ-4250907
  • Port Folder Metadata Template Migration JMX and ServiceUserMapping. Hotfix for CQ-4252947
  • WebdriverIO Tests not running in release/640 branch of CQ/dam. Hotfix for CQ-4252749
  • Links to moved assets are not refactored if link is published. Hotfix for CQ-4245756
DAM - Viewers
  • Intermittent error on loading video with new viewers 5.10.1. Hotfix for CQ-4250562
DAM-Brand Portal
  • Unpublish collection from Brand Portal is failing with error. Hotfix for CQ-4245990
  • Unable to unpublish image presets from Brand Portal. Hotfix for CQ-4246140
  • Subassets of a multi page pdf file do not get published when an asset is published. Hotfix for CQ-4245162
DAM - DMClient
  • When publishing a video asset to YouTube, the tags that result in YouTube include the tag's full path. Hotfix for CQ-4245549
  • (Opt-out and Opt-In upgrades) Issue with Viewer CSS redirect. Hotfix for CQ-4247854
  • Unable to create/edit viewer preset as non-member of 'administrators' group. Hotfix for CQ-4247618
  • ( Adding multiple videos in multiple parsys breaks the video player. Hotfix for CQ-4248517
  • Renaming & moving asset within an Image Set renders editing impossible. Hotfix for CQ-4248434
  • Publish large videos to YouTube throws time out messages. Hotfix for CQ-4237831
  • (List View) The Asset Picker/Selector's user interface changes to all gray and is disabled for the user. Hotfix for CQ-4237817
  • (Vertical Zoom) Css fails to load with a 404 error. Hotfix for CQ-4236508
  • Trying to download an asset with percent (%) character in the asset name results in an empty archive. Hotfix for CQ-4250558
  • (Card View) No processing indicator is displayed when using Copy and Paste on a Video Asset. Hotfix for CQ-4249037
  • (Upgrade from 6.3.2 to 6.4) Pre-Upgrade Image Presets are shown as "Unpublished" on Renditions page but do not yield URL button when selected. Hotfix for CQ-4240406
  • Technical Debt/Minor Enhancements. Hotfix for CQ-4240648
  • The Asset Selector (or Asset Picker) does not show all Assets from the folders available. Hotfix for CQ-4218414
  • Image Preset with no height displays images with incorrect size. Hotfix for CQ-4246546
  • (Multi Page Assets) UI breaks on clicking on annotations. Hotfix for CQ-4251434
  • Upgrading from 6.3 to 6.4 and later the Analytics preset, a new report suite and analytics preset is created losing the user's older reporting data. Hotfix for CQ-4244529
  • (Manage Publication Wizard) List of Assets appear to be empty when trying to publish or unpublish. Hotfix for CQ-4251881
  • When choosing Viewers after viewing the Set Members, AVS videos fail to playback. Hotfix for CQ-4205308
  • Pre-Upgrade Video Processing Presets cannot have a new Video Encoding Preset added nor edit the existing Encoding Preset(s). Hotfix for CQ-4240407
  • Image presets are not applied to downloaded dynamic renditions. Hotfix for CQ-4249862
  • The select all button does not work correctly on Viewer Preset listing page. Hotfix for CQ-4252462
  • Video Profiles: Select All button is non-functional. Hotfix for CQ-4253076, CQ-4251447
  • SP2 Validation Pass - Smoke Pass. Hotfix for CQ-4251639
DAM - DMServices
  • Dynamic Media Renditions failed to generate for EPS file. Hotfix for CQ-4243688
  • Typo in bundle SymbolicName leads to duplicate bundle. Hotfix for Granite - 22155
  • CUGConfiguration may not pick up CugExclude. Hotfix for Granite - 21109
  • Restarting Adobe Granite Workflow Core re-runs the workflow steps from the middle creating unnecessary workflows. NPR-25057: Hotfix for Granite-22218
  • JcrResourceBundle does not correctly support multiple base names. NPR-25245: Hotfix for Granite-22317
  • On installation of content packages, the ACLs are grouped by principal, therefore, breaking the permission model. NPR-24583: Hotfix for Granite-21591
  • Update Jetty to 9.4.11 to fix vulnerabilities. NPR-25030: Hotfix for Granite-22120
The key highlights for AEM forms are:
  • Added new property for Queues to be updated without refreshing the browser.
  • Added capability for the user to use the same WSDL file for multiple service.
  • Removed the unsupported timestamp pattern from the datepicker dropdown.
  • Added support for underlaying xfaf and pdf in OSGI.
  • Added support to use the transaction reports capability at on-premise deployments.
  • Added code to not display child var in condition rule editor.
Forms add-on package
Transaction Reporting
  • Update Transaction Reporting configuration with the importance of reverse-replication configured on a Publish server. NPR-26050: Hotfix for CQ-4246650
  • Delayed initialization of Periodic Flush Job. NPR-25968: Hotfix for CQ-4245024
  • Transaction Recording fails with Null Pointer Exception. Hotfix for CQ-4247302
Forms - Workflow
  • (HTML Workspace) When a user claims a task, count of queue is refreshed for that particular user but not for other users unless the page is refreshed. This issue has been fixed by a new property. To configure this new property to your AEM instance, refer to its Configuration Settings. NPR-24536: Hotfix for CQ-4233665
  • Unable to load large form in the AEM Forms App on 6.4. NPR-24463: Hotfix for CQ-4245091
  • Issue in Mobile Workspace App when trying to view the shared task. NPR-25177: Hotfix for CQ-4248733
  • Inconsistent validation Behavior between Web and APK. NPR-25670: Hotfix for CQ-4248178
  • When a call to a web service is made an HTML5 form opened within the client, it fails and an error message is returned. NPR-26048: Hotfix for CQ-4244716
  • Issue while calling service in AEM forms Windows app 6.3. NPR-26468: Hotfix for CQ-4252341
Mobile Forms
  • (Formset) SSN and Mobile field validation issue when previewed. NPR-24458: Hotfix for CQ-4244983
  • Data is not shown with prefilling of multi-line fields in HTML preview. NPR-24549: Hotfix for CQ-4244212
  • Data gets lost when the script is evaluated on a multi-line field. NPR-25333, Hotfix for CQ-4249610
Forms - Interactive Communication & Correspondence Management
  • Sync fails on IC with Basic Template and Reference IC Print Template. NPR-24912
  • (CCR) Validators don't work for fields/variables. Hotfix for CQ-4245047
  • Data Model Object icon disappears on Text Edit toolbar intermittently. Hotfix for CQ-4245122
  • Exception logs appear on copied IC if original IC is deleted. Hotfix for CQ-4249378
  • In the letter rendition, the condition does not evaluate to true even when the data is correct. Hotfix for CQ-4245944
  • Auto-generated components are not highlighted on selecting from Content tree. Hotfix for CQ-4246178
  • Issues while opening Web Channel Template editor. Hotfix for CQ-4248182
  • Unable to change the order of assets added as the up/down arrows remain disabled. Hotfix for CQ-4252042
  • Unable to update properties of Condition module. Hotfix for CQ-4247909
  • UX of "Cancel Inheritance" dialog when user re-arranges an Object in Web Channel needs to be improved. Hotfix for CQ-4241076
  • Data in the letter corresponding to bindings defined in XDP is not populated on using direct letter URL. Hotfix for CQ-4245833
  • (Caching issue) Synchronization of web channel does not reflect changes made to layout fragments, Text fragment of print channel. Hotfix for CQ-4251460
  • Unable to update Layout fargment and DD properties. Hotfix for CQ-4247830
  • (CCR) Draft reloading is failing due to XML parsing. Hotfix for CQ-4250950
  • (IC Editor) "Edit Fragment" button should be more discoverable. Hotfix for CQ-4244694
  • (XDP) A blank screen is displayed on adding a layout fragment in the new created subform. Hotfix for CQ-4248810
  • DocumentFragment-master-DeployWithServerSideTests test failure. Hotfix for CQ-4245496
  • Text module variable Instance duplicated in Condition module. Hotfix for CQ-4252128
  • PDF preview URL do not show transaction reporting on publish. Hotfix for CQ-4246158
  • IC Sync related issues with Print Channel to Web Channel Syncing. Hotfix for CQ-4251505
  • EXM Code clean up: Remove LocalFunctionMapper. Hotfix for CQ-4243265
  • To correct the resource type of TableHeader of IC's webChannel table component. Hotfix for CQ-4251821
  • (IC Editor) Usability issues. Hotfix for CQ-4241081
  • Print channel subform does not show insert functionality. Hotfix for CQ-4252994
  • Keep changes sync fails post removing FDM node or Variable placeholder. Hotfix for CQ-4253178
  • (Template Editor) Basic template shows header / footer additional drag drop areas and the screen flickers on opening Web Channel. Hotfix for CQ-4253323
  • Auto-generated components do not get highlighted on selecting from the Content tree. Hotfix for CQ-4246178
Document Services
  • (Form Service) OSGI lacks support for XFAF. NPR-25181, Hotfix for CQ-4251313
  • The characters in the heading of the assembled PDF file are coming to be garbled. NPR-25113: Hotfix for CQ-4244682
Adaptive Forms
  • Submit Action as Send Mail throws an exception with CC/BC fields blank. NPR-25019: Hotfix for CQ-4243039
  • Unable to use the OOTB AEM Form component due to inefficient query. NPR-25065: Hotfix for CQ-4247256
  • Remove sling:orderBefore from dialog nodes of guideImageChoiceComponent. Hotfix for CQ-4245013
  • (Date Picker) Edit Pattern does not support two types of timestamp pattern. Hotfix for CQ-4237982
  • Submit Action using 'Forms Workflow' Classic authoring issues. Hotfix for CQ-4236981
  • (Web Channel) IC Chart should inherit colspan property from AF chart. Hotfix for CQ-4252143
Backend Integration
  • (SOAP requests) Big decimals (more than 6 digits) are represented in exponential notation resulting in validation error. NPR-25283: Hotfix for CQ-4248100
  • Incorrect validation of optional parameters defined in complex types. NPR-25070: Hotfix for CQ-4247107
  • Added capability for the user to use the same WSDL file for multiple service. NPR-24604, Hotfix for CQ-4247756
  • FDM shuffles order of parameters in its SOAP calls. NPR-25069, Hotfix for CQ-4247180
  • FDM merges entities (in List/Array) in SOAP request. NPR-25284: Hotfix for CQ-4248375
Forms JEE Installer
PDFG Service
  • The create/modify function of security settings does not work. NPR-24769: Hotfix for CQ-4246927
  • Optimize PDFs by selectively unembedding fonts via single API call. NPR-23287
Document Services
  • Output Service does not provide the correct tags for accessibility Reader. NPR-24438, NPR-24439, NPR-24440, NPR-24441: Hotfix for CQ-4243849, CQ-4243845, CQ-4243852, CQ-4243853
Document Security
  • Issue with Policy creation using Document Security. NPR-25586, NPR-25547: Hotfix for CQ-4247086
Forms - Foundation JEE
  • Processes running as System Context Account intermittently. NPR-25289, NPR-25313: Hotfix for CQ-4249331
  • AEM Forms JEE impacted by Apache Struts and Jackson data binding security alert. NPR-25628: Hotfix for CQ-4242891
  • Email start point process does not work. NPR-25253: Hotfix for CQ-4248518
Feature Packs Included
OSGI Bundles and Content Packages Included
List of OSGi bundles included in AEM
List of Content Packages included in AEM


AEM is an important update that includes performance, stability, security and key customer fixes and enhancements released since the general availability of AEM 6.4 in April 2018.
AEM can be installed on AEM 6.4 GA. Some of the key highlights of the service pack are:
  • The built-in repository (Apache Jackrabbit Oak) is updated to version 1.8.3.
  • Introduced Enhanced Smart Tags.
  • Fixes in Design picker, Tag picker(change the source VM and target VM to auto.)
  • Added support for typeHint to save values as string.
  • Added support for SMTP over TLS in Mail Service.
  • Proxy handling fix for HTTP forwarder in DMS7.
  • Update to /etc/clientlibs/social/thirdparty/handlebars/source/handlebars.js version 1.3.
  • Fixes in DMHybrid Opt-OUT and Opt-IN packages.
  • Fixes in Smart Crop.
  • Migrated OOTB configuration values to the new location ( from /etc to /conf).
  • Added color profiles to the customer settings on delivery servers.
  • Migration of Image Server settings from /etc --&gt; /conf.
  • Added Source Content Fragment for translation.
  • Added ARIA support to Print and PrintDialog.
  • Added email validation ARIA support.
  • Proactive Backport for platform.clientlibs fixes.
  • Prevention of auto-execution of scripts when there is no input to the explicit dataType (resolves CVE-2015-9251).
  • Cascading dropdown value shows blank on reopening asset properties page. NPR-23042: Hotfix for CQ-4238761
  • Shared links on mylinkshare page and links to the page are not available for non-admin user NPR-23044: Hotfix for CQ-4239004
  • To prevent a Null Pointer Exception in the DAM Asset Update workflow in 6.4.0. NPR-24134: Hotfix for CQ-4244972
  • Published WCM page shows placeholder icons for hotspot, missing CSS files with 403 error for OOTB Viewers. NPR-23041: Hotfix for CQ-4233716
  • (Detail View) The Next/Back Navigation feature leaves a DIV overlay in Dynamic Rendition preview area blocking access to the viewer. NPR-23043: Hotfix for CQ-4238499
  • CMYK image rendition has incorrect saturation. NPR-23048: Hotfix for CQ-4235470
  • XMP metadata extraction by Scene7ListInfoProvider is resource intensive. NPR-23754
  • (dam-delivery) Http forwarder does not respect HTTP proxy settings. NPR-24002: Hotfix for CQ-4244140
  • When we rename the page while we move, the movement of page is successful but rename functionality does not work. NPR-22923: Hotfix for CQ-4235907
  • Error when publishing a Live Copy page that points to an Importer Page in Adobe Campaigns. NPR-23053: Hotfix for CQ-4237164
  • Move/Rename in Classic UI fails with error, “An error occured while moving page” and not renamed. NPR-23051: Hotfix for CQ-4235907
  • Switching content from Column view to list view renders a blank page and triggers a Null Pointer Exception for pages with OffTime set and OnTime as blank. NPR-22968, NPR-23052: Hotfix for CQ-4238940
  • Fix Failing Core Hobbes Testcase (CQ/Commerce Module). Hotfix for CQ-4253494
  • Salesforce integration is vulnerable to Server Side Request Forgery (SSRF). NPR-24289: Hotfix for CQ-4245277
  • Server Side Request Forgery (SSRF) and Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) in ReportingServicesProxyServlet. NPR-24657: Hotfix for CQ-4246880
  • Cross-Site Scripting (XSS): Reflected in commerce createcatalogwizard.html/content. NPR-24642: Hotfix for CQ-4237017
  • Cross-site scripting (XSS) in Admin UI Project links. NPR-23272: Hotfix for CQ-4241795
WCM - Foundation Components
  • Opening the Design picker results in a null pointer exception. NPR-23047: Hotfix for CQ-4238736
User Interface
  • (Coral3 Datepicker) Add support for typeHint to save values as "String." NPR-23398: Hotfix for Granite-21194
  • Internationalization translation does not work at the language level. NPR-22967, NPR-23046: Hotfix for Granite-21111
  • Proactive Backport for granite.ui.commons fixes. NPR-23537
  • Proactive Backport for granite.ui.content fixes. NPR-23535
  • Proactive Backport for granite.ui.coralui fixes. NPR-23538
  • Unable to remove multiple users from the group at once. NPR-23846
  • (OMEGA) Report "Feature" in english only. NPR-23989: Hotfix for Granite-21231
  • (Design Importer) Importing a page does not import the js, css. NPR-25203: Hotfix for Granite-22236
  • Unclosed ResourceResolver in NPR-22340: Hotfix for CQ-4236515
  • TargetContentImpl makes AEM sluggish during long running queries. NPR-22359: Hotfix for CQ-4236907
  • Target engine (mbox.js, at.js) does not use mangled URLs and uses URLs containing colons which might fail with certain deployments. NPR-22434: Hotfix for CQ-4237854
  • In Target mode, Authors can modify a component inherited from the blueprint without cancelling the inheritance. NPR-22865: Hotfix for CQ-4237907
  • (Personalization) Icons are deformed when switching to Card view. NPR-23373, NPR-23374: Hotfix for CQ-4240018, CQ-4240019
  • (Personalization) Audience console does not show nt:folder types. NPR-23375: Hotfix for CQ-4242293
  • When a component is targeted on publish instance, flickering appears showing the default experience before the targeted one. NPR-23415: Hotfix for CQ-4242038
  • (Adobe IMS Console) AccessTokenProvider OSGi service configuration reappears after deletion. NPR-23520: Hotfix for CQ-4208250
  • Configuration reference replication fails with intermediate folder structure. NPR-23485: Hotfix for CQ-4242751
  • (Personalization) clientlib blocked by the proxy servlet. NPR-23521: Hotfix for CQ-4240995
  • (Adobe IMS Console) Registered Cloud Solutions do not get picked up in configuration wizard. NPR-23977: Hotfix for CQ-4244549
  • Infinite loop when loading targeted content on pages without an HTML extension. NPR-23522: Hotfix for CQ-4223600
  • Activation fails for a page with inherited Dynamic Tag Management configuration references. NPR-23485: Hotfix for CQ-4242751
  • (Classic UI)(Touch UI) The tag picker does not display and throws an exception when trying to browse for tags via a tags predicate in the Asset Search schema. NPR-23049: Hotfix for CQ-4239371
  • (Classic UI) Components using xtype=tags return null and cannot be selected from eth list of tags. NPR-23050: Hotfix for CQ-4239937
  • (Branding) Opt-in dialog mentions Adobe Marketing Cloud instead of Adobe Experience Cloud. NPR-23210: Hotfix for CQ-4237799
  • Filter option makes AEM sluggish after upgrading from 6.3 to 6.4. NPR-23260: Hotfix for CQ-4239847 (to check)
  • Proactive Backport for granite.omnisearch.core fixes. NPR-23536
  • Proactive Backport for platform.clientlibs fixes. NPR-23569
  • Cloud Service Config inheritance broken when editing other page properties. NPR-23216: Hotfix for CQ-4239782
  • Enabled STARTTLS support in Day CQ Mail Service. NPR-23941: Hotfix for CQ-4240397
  • (Content Fragment) Language copy for embedded asset is not created while English asset is added to translation. Hotfix for CQ-4243477
  • The msft config dropdown is showing config from /libs(6.4 configs) instead of from /etc(6.3 configs) in legacy mode. Hotfix for CQ-4243475
  • Automatically promote and delete translation launches in Translation projects. Hotfix for CQ-4243474
  • Content fragment inside sites not getting translated. Hotfix for CQ-4243482, CQ-4243483, CQ-4245687
  • Server error on opening translation job search filter. Hotfix for CQ-4236813
  • Credential config dropdown is blank even after tif is present inside /conf/we-retail. Hotfix for CQ-4236315
  • Open Project KPI: performance degradation as more projects are created. NPR-23840: Hotfix for CQ-4238392
  • Workflow Starter not able to accept TypeHint value of String. NPR-23863: Hotfix for CQ-4238356
  • Security vulnerabilities in Version 1.0 of Handlebars. NPR-23636: Hotfix for CQ-4243055
  • Bulk Allow of flagged messages is not working. NPR-23867: Hotfix for CQ-4243962
  • Default value is not showing on sorting button in forum component. NPR-23882: Hotfix for CQ-4243375
  • Issues with message delivery from Community sites to groups. NPR-23935
  • The Day CQ Workflow Email Notification Service triggers one e-mail per Mongo node for WorkflowCompleted and WorkflowAborted notifications. NPR-22515: Hotfix for CQ-4238172
  • Running the DAM update asset workflow throws a NullPointerException. NPR-23010: Hotfix for Granite-21096
  • Workflow Process step does not display scripts from /etc/workflow/scripts. NPR-23263: Hotfix for Granite-20775
  • Workflow Dynamic Participant Step does not display scripts from /apps/workflow/scripts. NPR-23464: Hotfix for Granite-21276
  • Unable to edit any workflow after editing it once. NPR-23742: Hotfix for CQ-4238526
  • (Classic UI) Upon editing the workflow launchers, the conditions disappear causing the workflows to launch without any conditions. NPR-23835: Hotfix for CQ-4239153
  • Project inbox: switching to calendar view shows main inbox content. NPR-23947: Hotfix for CQ-4241236
  • Need to expose payload details in the bundle so the HTL component can display the value in the list view. NPR-23948: Hotfix for CQ-4240953
  • Unable to store dialog data in Dialog Participant step. NPR-23965: Hotfix for CQ-4234123
  • (Touch UI) When saving a workflow model, the 'Sync' button changes to 'Synched' resulting to spelling mistake. Hotfix for CQ-4244843
  • Project inbox: switching to calendar view shows main inbox content. Hotfix for CQ-4244436
  • Unable to select Dialogs in Dialog Participant step. Hotfix for CQ-4244532
  • Proactive Backport for granite.omnisearch.core fixes. NPR-23536
  • Issue in Mobile Workspace App 6.4 with Shared Task. NPR-26383
WCM - Translation
  • (Reference Panel) Translation jobs are not getting executed during project creation. Hotfix for CQ-4245327
  • (MSM) Rollout performance improvement. Hotfix for CQ-4231488
  • (MSM) Timing gap in Event Listening between event actually happening and event handling. Hotfix for CQ-4227766
  • Screen page fails with error due to missing dependencies for screens-core-pkg:1.4.42. Hotfix for CQ-4245918
Projects - Translation
  • (Content Fragment) Language copy for embedded asset is not created while English asset is added to translation. Hotfix for CQ-4243477
  • The msft config dropdown is showing config from /libs(6.4 configs)instead of from /etc(6.3 configs) in legacy mode. Hotfix for CQ-4243475
  • Automatically promote and delete translation launches in Translation projects. Hotfix for CQ-4243474
  • Content fragment inside sites not getting translated. Hotfix for CQ-4243482, CQ-4243483, CQ-4245687
  • Server error on opening translation job search filter. Hotfix for CQ-4236813
  • Credential config dropdown is blank even after tif is present inside /conf/we-retail. Hotfix for CQ-4236315
Content Fragment Management
  • Deleting component fills logs with stack traces. Hotfix for CQ-4242315
DAM - General
  • Closing the detail view of an asset returns to incorrect search result page. Hotfix for CQ-4240960
  • (Camera Raw) Image adjust option is missing. Hotfix for CQ-4246121
  • IndexOutOfBoundsException: OOTB Asset Modification report. Hotfix for CQ-4239744
  • Remove confidence score from report csv. Hotfix for CQ-4241491
  • Link share email delivery broken for non "admin" sender. Hotfix for CQ-4240357
  • Fixing IT failures. Hotfix for CQ-4249891
DAM - Brand Portal
  • Asset properties list only 3 properties on first tab, rest all the tabs look empty. Hotfix for CQ-4242503
  • File type and file size predicates are not avaliable in published search form. Hotfix for CQ-4242026
  • Search in directory predicate should be filtered out/not shown in search filters. Hotfix for CQ-4241386
  • Default search from should exist after unpublish. Hotfix for CQ-4241383, CQ-4241113
  • Publish to brand portal gesture doesn't work for image presets. Hotfix for CQ-4241074
  • Publish to Brand Portal is not working for collections. Hotfix for CQ-4241122, CQ-4246558
DAM - DM Client
  • Upgrading to 6.4 removes previously created video encoding profiles. Hotfix for CQ-4244067
  • Alt Text attribute is broken in Dynamic Media component. Hotfix for CQ-4244081
  • (DMS7) Editing remote sets in AEM are not overwritten in Scene7. Hotfix for CQ-4243430
  • Verification of 6.4 SP1 build on DM Hybrid. Hotfix for CQ-4244623
  • (DMS7-UA) When clicking the Embed button for a published Video Asset, nothing appears to happen. The Embed dialog is expected to display with HTML code. Hotfix for CQ-4245237
  • (DM Hybrid) Copy URL for published Video Assets or Mixed Media Sets gets “ [object Object] ” in the URL dialog. Hotfix for CQ-4245236, CQ-4245451
  • (DMHybrid) Video's Details View page does not contain the preview of the Video Asset show and outputs an error message to the console. Hotfix for CQ-4244320
  • Automatic S7 Encoding of we.retail content. Hotfix for CQ-4242253
  • Pre-Upgrade Video Processing Presets cannot have a new Video Encoding Preset added nor edit the existing Encoding Presets. Hotfix for CQ-4240407
  • Pre-Upgrade Image Presets are shown as Unpublished on Renditions page and does not yield URL. Hotfix for CQ-4240406
  • (CSS) Assets are shown - but viewers used are default and not the OOTB Viewers. Hotfix for CQ-4239839
  • Disabled clean up step hang manual execution & used of private coral classes. Hotfix for CQ-4239729
  • Image viewer is generating an error and fails to display the correct smart crop. Hotfix for CQ-4237564
  • Legacy preset under /etc appears to be broken and not migrated to location under /conf upon save. Hotfix for CQ-4237416
  • Regression in OOB VideoViewer 5.8.x - the viewer expands iframe to the right, hence breaking page layout. Hotfix for CQ-4235465
  • (DMS7) Smart Crop rendition URL and Embed buttons are active for images that have not been published. Hotfix for CQ-4233696
  • (DMHybrid) Restore previous crop/rotate feature. Hotfix for CQ-4239489
  • When previewing a video in card view, the play button does not toggle to pause. Hotfix for CQ-4238592
  • When performing an Opt-In upgrade, the YouTube configuration is not moved/copied from its old location to the new location. Hotfix for CQ-4238590
  • DropTwo OOTB AVS Video Processing Profiles are listed under Folder properties and only one contains defined encodings. Hotfix for CQ-4238096
  • (DMS7) Smart Crop: Detail View: URL button is labeled Copy button for renditons. Hotfix for CQ-4237804
  • Viewer Preset listing page remains blank even after executing the curl commands. Hotfix for CQ-4243246
  • Disabled clean up step hang manual execution & use of private coral classes. Hotfix for CQ-4239729
  • Video Report Details page does not show video asset. Hotfix for CQ-4246208
DAM - DMServices
  • (DMS7) Cloud Configuration: Unable to sync new content with Scene7 after updating to SP1. Hotfix for CQ-4244437
  • (DMHybrid) Color profiles and catalog settings are not registering in a debug_info=catalog call. Hotfix for CQ-4242346
  • Add color profiles to the customer settings on delivery servers. Hotfix for CQ-4241818, CQ-4241819
  • (DMHybrid) After 6.3 &gt; 6.4 upgrade, catalog settings are moved to the incorrect node. Hotfix for CQ-4239974, CQ-4239975
  • (DMHybrid) pushviewerpresets script does not create the nodes needed to modify catalog settings. Hotfix for CQ-4240076
  • When using the “Format” drop-down selection and selecting either PNG or JPG formats, the downloaded file is shown as oversaturated and darker than the original asset. Hotfix for CQ-4240073
  • (DMS7) Remove the MIME Type mapping: image_x-eps. Hotfix for CQ-4240394
  • (DMS7) Upload parameters for knockout background do not pass the ipsApiService.log and hence, do not work. Hotfix for CQ-4240686
  • Upgrading Image Processing Profiles created in a 6.3 to 6.4 instance breaks the “Crop-type” property. Hotfix for CQ-4237739
  • (Dynamic Media) Regular Asset upload outside the smartcrop folder fails. Hotfix for CQ-4237670
  • Adjust profile fallback code for "Adaptive Video Encoding" profile name to "Adaptive_Video_Encoding". Hotfix for CQ-4237666
  • EmbedXMP data is always set to “active” for Ptiff generation process. Hotfix for CQ-4234498
  • CMYK image rendition has incorrect saturation. Hotfix for CQ-4235470
  • Image Server settings are not replicated to delivery while the replication logs mark them successful. Hotfix for CQ-4239480, CQ-4239046
  • (DMS7) Unable to create sets using old/new references to Cloud Configuration. Hotfix for CQ-4238078
  • Scene7 workflow step only reads Scene7 in the name and the description but does not clarify the workflow step in DAM Update workflow. Hotfix for CQ-4237865
DAM - Smart Tags
AEM Forms fixes are delivered through add-on packages and other patch installers provided with the release. For details, see AEM Forms Releases.
The key highlights for AEM Forms are:
  • AEM Forms introduces transaction reports capability to track and keep count of transactions like submitted forms, processed documents, and rendered documents on your AEM Forms deployment. It provides insights about product usage and helps business users understand digital processing volumes.
  • Enabled PDF/UA support to XML forms.
  • Added allowProxy = true for Clientlib
  • Updated code to make advanced title search as contains rather than equal.
  • Update to new version of Node Package Manager (NPM) on Continuous Integration Machine.
Forms add-on package
Backend Integration
  • An error is generated when providing null as a value to an optional field. NPR-24397
  • WSDL invoking is failing when element has different namespace other than global namespace. NPR-24281
  • (FDM WSDL) Getting DermisException: Excepted list data in case of property type array. NPR-24265
  • (FDM WSDL) Getting DermisException: java.lang.Exception: createSOAPParam: Invalid Params. NPR-24264
  • (FDM Client SDK) Unable to do testing of pre/post preprocessor and custom submit action. Hotfix for CQ-4238469
  • Fixes for Javadoc issues in Dermis. Hotfix for CQ-4244250
  • Enhanced input in Web Services Description Language (WSDL). Hotfix for CQ-4244133
  • Basic authentication testing for WSDL results in different error for same configuration in AEM 6.3 and AEM 6.4. Hotfix for CQ-4244132
  • Request to include ValueUtil in client-sdk and javadocs. Hotfix for CQ-4242803
  • (FDM Cloud Config) Unable to configure SOAP based Authentication from cloud configuration. Hotfix for CQ-4238462
  • Dermis - Add missing packages in Javadocs. Hotfix for CQ-4242815
  • WSDLInvokerParams to be included in Forms Add-On client sdk. NPR-23381: Hotfix for CQ-4240233
Adaptive Forms
  • Document (IC) rendition should be logged as a transaction using Transaction Recording Service. Hotfix for CQ-4245333
  • While executing UAT5, pdf generated at verify stage is missing an entry. Hotfix for CQ-4243184
  • Test case for deep copy of guideContext. Hotfix for CQ-4242924
  • Proof type field is missing on executing the UAT3 on latest upgraded server. Hotfix for CQ-4243120
  • On upgraded server, the submitted form is missing the State/Province/Region and Country values that were present on pre-upgrade server. Hotfix for CQ-4241444
  • (ExpressionEditor) Error while navigating to Verify stage during form submission. Hotfix for CQ-4241384
  • Values are missing in verify stage on pre-upgrade and upgraded server for submitted form. Hotfix for CQ-4241896
  • Quit and save button at the bottom of the page are not working. Hotfix for CQ-4240112
  • Contact number missing on the upgraded set-up. Hotfix for CQ-4239870
  • Under ACTION TAKEN section in Dispute Type tab , “Additional documents to support my claim” has additional field Proof Type Saved “in it. Hotfix for CQ-4239873
  • "Error in getDataAPI" erorr encountered at verifyPdf stage. Hotfix for CQ-4239865
  • Errors in migration logs for author and publish instance. Hotfix for CQ-4239365
  • Errors in migration logs for author and publish instance. Hotfix for CQ-4239635
  • Deserialization error like "Deserialization not allowed for class sun.util.calendar.ZoneInfo" in error logs post submission of an Adaptive Form. Hotfix for CQ-4240419
  • State field is not being populated in Mobile form rendition. Hotfix for CQ-4240597
  • Remove reference usage of components in templates from anti-pattern list. Hotfix for CQ-4239217
  • HTML5 Numeric Box set as a Float or Decimal gives different validation results in different browsers. NPR-23528: Hotfix for CQ-4244097
  • (Image upload) Image not getting displayed in DOR preview. Hotfix for CQ-4243178
  • JEE server throws an error on trying to submit the Adaptive Form with ‘Email PDF’ and ‘Include attachments’. Hotfix for CQ-4239894
  • Chart is not plotted at runtime using table/panel. Hotfix for CQ-4240010
  • Adaptive Form submission is not working and no change in transaction count due to failure of submission. Hotfix for CQ-4246125
  • (Image choice) Document of record options are not visible. Hotfix for CQ-4236976
  • Template editor UI is not stable. Hotfix for CQ-4241497
  • AFs are not shown using assets tab of side panel while is shown using browse option for AEM form component property dialog. Hotfix for CQ-4236751
  • Workflow ID generated for form conversion should be available in generated Adaptive Form. Hotfix for CQ-4240014
  • Unable to select template to create a page in sites on Direct Upgrade: Livecycle to 6.4 server. Hotfix for CQ-4241300
Assembler Service
  • Transaction logging in Assembler Services. Hotfix for CQ-4245018, CQ-4245017, CQ-4245016.
  • Transaction is not reported when PDF/A conversion is done using DDX. Hotfix for CQ-4246039
Forms Manager
  • FM CREATE button list to be alphabetically sorted. Hotfix for CQ-4242307
Form Portal
  • Drafts saved on pre-upgrade server do not open correctly on upgraded server. Hotfix for CQ-4243303
  • Version update to 7.1 for adobe-formsmanager-core-module. Hotfix for CQ-4245753
  • Drafts saved on pre-upgrade server do not open correctly on upgraded server. Hotfix for CQ-4243303
  • Attachment scenarios are breaking on replacing/adding/removing attachments in new instance/same instance of draft. Hotfix for CQ-4243165
  • The count of draft retrieved from querying the database is more than the count of drafts present in portal. Hotfix for CQ-4241489
  • Forms submitted on pre upgrade server are not present on upgraded server. Hotfix for CQ-4241490
  • The form displayed in UI in submissions tab is in Unsubmitted state despite successful submission message. Hotfix for CQ-4241487
  • The guideContext should be formed by deep copying the fields as guideContext contains customPropertyMap that itself is an object. Hotfix for CQ-4240126
  • Error when trying to save a form. Hotfix for CQ-4240763
  • The entry for saved and submitted forms is getting populated in crx/de despite we have DB configuration given in Forms Portal Draft and Submission Configuration. Hotfix for CQ-4240726
  • (Search & Lister) Advanced search title fixed value should work as contain rather than equal. Hotfix for CQ-4245499
Mobile Forms
  • Date Field is overlapping in Mobile Forms. Hotfix for CQ-4242256
  • Form submission for Mobile Forms should be logged as a transaction using Transaction recording Service. Hotfix for CQ-4246166
  • Form submission in Formset should be logged as a transaction using Transaction recording Service. Hotfix for CQ-4246165
AEM Forms App
  • (Windows App) Unable to render the form. Hotfix for CQ-4238005
Workflow OSGI
  • Transaction logging in Workflow Assign Task. Hotfix for CQ-4244440
  • (FDM Step) Unable to use values from workflow metadata when an Assign Task step is inserted between the process step and fdm step. Hotfix for CQ-4241472
  • Delegation of assign task does not work in Forms Integration in OSGI Workflows. NPR-23709: Hotfix for CQ-4243700
  • (Workflow Model Editor) Some Workflow Models are not editable via the ClassicUI WF model editor. Hotfix for CQ-4241151
MultiChannel Document
  • Date field in Template is overlapping the subform in the IC authoring. Hotfix for CQ-4240110
  • Header should not be allowed to be deleted or to be moved up and down in IC web channel authoring. Hotfix for CQ-4243358
  • (IC Editor) Default rows to be set to 1 for Table components. Hotfix for CQ-4244848
  • Target Area to remain visible even after the content has been dragged and dropped on it. Hotfix for CQ-4244534
  • Web channel do not recognize tabs space in Text Document Fragments. Hotfix for CQ-4244481
  • (Print channel) Document (IC) rendition should be logged as a transaction using Transaction Recording Service. Hotfix for CQ-4245335
  • (Web channel) Document (IC) rendition should be logged as a transaction using Transaction Recording Service. Hotfix for CQ-4245334
  • Document Container Search or the Data Model Tree search must be unified to the Asset filter search. Hotfix for CQ-4242305
  • (Document Fragment) The indentation property indents the text by how much units cannot be comprehended. Hotfix for CQ-4241082, CQ-4240643
  • (IC Editor) The Edit Fragment icon on document fragment's tile listed under Assets tab is not very easily discoverable and understandable. Hotfix for CQ-4241047
  • Allow anonymous access to IC Anonymous inaccessible client library. Hotfix for CQ-4245588
  • (Web channel) Data does not resolve in any of the table in web preview and is shown as blank. Hotfix for CQ-4244476
  • Table headers are shown as variables in web channel on auto-generation. Hotfix for CQ-4244242
  • (IC Editor) Content of a Document Fragment used in an IC should get automatically re-sized to fit the width of the Target Area. Hotfix for CQ-4244094
  • The channel name shown in the center top must be consistent either IC title for WEB / PRINT. Hotfix for CQ-4242498
  • Text editor Data object panel should list only top level entities, Hotfix for CQ-4244121
  • Default name is not assigned when adding a new component in editor. Hotfix for CQ-4244691
  • Adding Colspan configuration in all the web channel components. Hotfix for CQ-4244946
  • Layout Fragment Table Width property is not getting reset and honored in Letter or Customer Communication Print Channel. Hotfix for CQ-4241574
Correspondence Management
  • Captions removed from letter template after editing a text asset that contains placeholders. NPR-24196
  • The XDP file, when uploaded and used as a layout for letter templates, fails to preview or edit the templates. NPR-24143: Hotfix for CQ-4244407
  • Assignment selection is selected by default in list fragment. Hotfix for CQ-4240097
  • Condition editor - Multiple result evaluation should be enabled by default. Hotfix for CQ-4240096
  • Image when deleted from List still shows image in preview. Hotfix for CQ-4239909
  • The rule set on the condition module is set as 'Default' for all the module(s). Hotfix for CQ-4239878
  • Data Dictionary creation fails with “Unknown JCR exception” error. Hotfix for CQ-4244122
  • Gaps in 6.3 Content JavaDocs. Hotfix for CQ-4213586
Forms JEE installer
  • (HTML Workspace) Tracking details missing for applications with parentheses symbol in the name. NPR-23402
PDFG Service
  • Transaction logging in PDFG services. Hotfix for CQ-4244951, CQ-4244586
  • Reducing PDFs by selectively unembedding fonts via single API call. NPR-23287
  • PDFG configurations update issue on AEM upgrade. Hotfix for CQ-4241176
  • Transaction logging in PDFUtility Service. Hotfix for CQ-4245014
Process Management
  • (HTML Workspace) Process Startpoints are not sorted in alphanumerical order. Hotfix for CQ-4239629
  • (HTML workspace) Prepare data call coming up twice when draft is opened the first time. Hotfix for CQ-4243280
  • (HTML Workspace) Prepare Data process gets triggered while closing a form. Hotfix for CQ-4239456
  • Work space hangs when traversed between two tasks. Hotfix for CQ-4237125
  • Manage Action Profile Prepare data process fails when default render process configuration is set to HTML. Hotfix for CQ-4244292
Forms Designer
  • Add PDF/UA support to XML forms generated via Designer and Output Service. NPR-23022
  • inline Hyperlinks defined in Designer do not get tagged nor they have alternate text when saved as PDF from Designer. NPR-23023
Feature Packs Included
  • (Page Authoring) Image Editor enhancements. For more information, see Image Editor . NPR-24267: Hotfix for CQ-4245502
OSGI bundles and content packages included
The following text documents the list of OSGI bundles and content packages included in the CFP.
List of OSGi bundles included in AEM
List of Content Packages included in AEM


Setup requirements

For customers with Feature Packs installed on AEM 6.4. Optional Feature Packs provided by Adobe have dependencies on the release version and service pack. If you have any Feature Pack installed, please contact the AEM Customer Care team to validate the compatibility of those feature packs with this service pack for AEM 6.4.
  • AEM requires AEM 6.4. For details, see upgrade documentation .
  • The Service Pack download is available on Software Distribution portal for download.
  • On a deployment with MongoDB and multiple instances, install AEM on one of the Author instances using the Package Manager.
  • Before installing the service pack, ensure to have a snapshot or fresh backup of your AEM instance.
  • Restart the instance before installation. While that is only needed when the instance is still in update mode (and this is the case when the instance was just updated from an earlier version), it's generally recommended if the instance was running for longer period of time.
Adobe does not recommend removing or uninstalling the AEM package.

Install the Service Pack via Package Manager

Perform the following steps to install the Service Pack on an existing AEM 6.4 instance:
  1. Download the package from Software Distribution.
  2. In AEM, login to Package Manager and add the downloaded AEM package. Select the uploaded package and click Install .
Dialog on Package Manager UI sometimes exits immaturely during installation of
Therefore, it is recommended to wait for error logs to stabilize before accessing the instance. The user has to wait for specific logs related to uninstallation of updater bundle before being ensured that the installations is successful. It generally happens on Safari but can intermittently happen on any browser.

Automatic installation

There are two ways to automatically install AEM into a running instance:
A. Place the package into .. /crx-quickstart/install folder while the server is running. The package gets installed automatically.
B. Use the HTTP API from Package Manager - make sure you use cmd=install&recursive=true - so the nested package are installed.
AEM does not support Bootstrap installation.

Validate installation

  1. The Product Information page (*/system/console/ productinfo *) should now show the updated version string "Adobe Experience Manager, Version" under Installed Products.
  2. All OSGI bundles are either ACTIVE or FRAGMENT in the OSGI Console (Use Web Console: /system/console/bundles).
  3. The OSGI bundle org.apache.jackrabbit.oak-core is on version 1.8.17 or higher (Use Web Console: /system/console/bundles).
To determine the certified platform for running with this release of AEM Sites and Assets, see Technical Requirements .
On successful installation of the package, an >informational message appears indicating that the content >package has installed successfully, such as "Content Package AEM-6.4-Service-Pack-7 installed successfully."

Update Dynamic Media Viewers (5.10.1)

AEM contains new version of Dynamic Media viewers (5.10.1) which enables check for duplicate names on Image Preset page. Dynamic Media customers are advised to run the following command to bring out of the box viewer presets to an up-to-date state.
curl -u admin:admin http://localhost:4502/libs/settings/dam/dm/presets/viewer.pushviewerpresets
which will copy new viewer presets to /conf location.

Install AEM forms add-on package

Install AEM forms add-on

Skip if you are not using AEM Forms. Fixes in AEM Forms are delivered through a separate add-on package.
AEM includes a new version of AEM Forms compatibility package . If you are using an older version of AEM Forms Compatibility Package and updating to AEM, install the latest version of AEM Forms compatibility package post installation of Forms Add-On Package.
  1. Ensure that you have installed the AEM Service Pack.
  2. Download the corresponding forms add-on package listed at AEM Forms releases for your operating system.
  3. Install the forms add-on package as described in Installing AEM forms add-on packages .

Install AEM Forms JEE installer

Skip if you are not using AEM Forms on JEE. Fixes in AEM Forms JEE are delivered through a separate installer.
For information about installing the cumulative installer for AEM Forms JEE and post-deployment configuration, see AEM Forms JEE Patch Installer 0015 .

Configuration settings required for NPR-21268

If you are using Classic (old) UI and have created metadata templates using it, follow the steps to run the JMX script to preserve them -
  1. Go to /system/console/jmx.
  2. Click on "Migrate Metadata Templates."
  3. Click on "migrateMetadataTemplatesAtPath" and supply the folder path under which you want the metadata templates to be preserved.

Configuration settings required for NPR-24536

The count for shared Queue doesnot refresh, by default, for other users when a user claims a task . For this, we have introduced a new property. Follow the steps below to configure this property on your AEM instance:
  1. Go to Admin UI -> Services -> Workspace -> Global administration.
  2. Export Global settings.
  3. In the downloaded XML file, add the tag <client_tasksPollingInterval>10</client_tasksPollingInterval> Here, 10 is the example value in seconds. You can modify it accordingly.
  4. Save the file.
  5. Go back to Admin UI -> Services -> Workspace -> Global administration.
  6. Import the xml file in the Import Global Settings section.
  7. You can now logout of the system and log in again.
  8. The count for shared queue starts refreshing for other users in the workspace.
  9. To turn off the polling, change the value to 0 and import the XML file again.

Uber Jar

The Uber Jar for AEM is available in the Adobe Public Maven repository .
To use Uber Jar in a Maven project, refer to the article, How to use Uber jar and include the following dependency in your project POM:

Removed/Deprecated Features

This section lists features and capabilities that have been removed or deprecated from AEM 6.4.
Manage Tag Action for Subassets
No Replacement
Assets and Adobe Creative Cloud integration
AEM to Creative Cloud folder sharing was introduced in AEM 6.2 as a way to give creative users access to assets from AEM. A new capability released in Creative Cloud application, Adobe Asset Link, provides a much better user experience and more powerful access to assets from AEM directly from inside Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator. Adobe will not make further enhancements to the folder sharing capability. While the feature is included in AEM, customers ar(e strongly advised to use the replacement.
Adobe Asset Link or desktop app. For more info, see AEM Creative Cloud integration article.

Known Issues

  • The following errors and warnings may display during installation:
    • Errors as create component instance and Service factory returned null occurs due to repository restart:
      • \[\] Cannot create component instance due to failure to bind reference profileManager
      • FrameworkEvent ERROR (org.osgi.framework.ServiceException: Service factory returned null. (Component: (1687)))
    • bundle (395)[] : Timeout waiting for reg change to complete unregistered.
    • com.adobe.granite.maintenance.impl.TaskScheduler No maintenance windows found at granite/operations/maintenance
    • bundle (204)[com.adobe.cq.ui.wcm.commons.internal.servlets.rte.RTEFilterServletFactory(573)] : The unbindAmendment method has thrown an exception (java.lang.IllegalStateException: Service already unregistered). These errors do not require any action as they do not impact your AEM instance.

Resolved Issues

  • No resource found error is observed on importing/exporting metadata. CQ-4253263
  • Unable to edit any image component and page properties after applying on top of CQ-4260316 & CQ-4260441 To workaround this issue:
    • Go to Package Manager
    • Reinstall package ""
    • Recompile all JSPs (http://<AEM HOST>:<AEM PORT/system/console/slingjsp) OR Restart the instance.

OSGi bundles and Content Packages included

The following text documents list the OSGi bundles and Content Packages included in AEM
List of OSGi bundles included in AEM
List of Content Packages included in AEM

Restricted Sites

These sites are only available to customers. If you are a customer and need access, please contact your Adobe account manager.