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AEM Screens Overview Video

AEM Screens is a Digital Signage Solution that allows marketers to publish dynamic and interactive digital experiences to different types of screens. The following videos introduce the different areas of an AEM Screens project, as well as detail the steps to create channel content and publish to a Screens Player.

Screens Terminology and Concepts

Additional reference material for What is AEM Screens? and a Glossary

Authoring Channels and Schedules - Part 1

To follow along with the videos you will need:
  1. AEM 6.4 GA or AEM 6.3 + Screens Feature Pack1
  2. A Screens Player
To download AEM Screens Player, click here . Additionally, AEM Screens is also available in iTunes App Store and Google Play Store . See Installing and Configuring Screens for more details.
The below video detail the creation of a new channel, authoring new content and adding a channel to a re-usable schedule. It loosely follows the first half of the Screens Kickstart Guide .

Display Assignments and Device Registration - Part 2

The below video shows the creation of a location, display, and device configuration. The video also shows the steps for registering a device and assigning the device to a display. It loosely follows the second half of the Screens Kickstart Guide .