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Custom User Group Mapping in AEM 6.5

Comparison of OSGi Services

Older AEM Versions
Label: Adobe Granite Closed User Group (CUG) Support
AEM 6.5
  • Label: Apache Jackrabbit Oak CUG Configuration
    ConfigurationPolicy = REQUIRED
  • Label: Apache Jackrabbit Oak CUG Exclude List
    ConfigurationPolicy = REQUIRED
  • Name: com.adobe.granite.auth.requirement.impl.RequirementService
  • Label: Adobe Granite Authentication Requirement and Login Path Handler
    Name: com.adobe.granite.auth.requirement.impl.DefaultRequirementHandler
    ConfigurationPolicy = REQUIRED
  • Configuration of the CUG authorization and enable/disable the evaluation. Service to configure exclusion list of principals which should not be affected by the CUG authorization.
    If the CugExcludeImpl is not configured, the CugConfiguration will fall back to the default.
    It is possible to plug a custom CugExclude implementation in case of special needs.
  • OSGi component implementing LoginPathProvider that exposes a matching login path to the LoginSelectorHandler. It has a mandatory reference to a RequirementHandler which is used to register the observer that listens to changed auth requirements stored in the content by the means of the granite:AuthenticationRequired mixin type.
  • OSGi component implementing RequirementHandler that notifies the SlingAuthenticator about changes to authrequirements.
    As configuration policy for this component is REQUIRE it will only be activated if a set of supported paths is specified.
    Enabling the service will launch the RequirementService.