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Watermark your digital assets

Adobe Experience Manager Assets allows you to add a digital watermark to assets that helps users verify the authenticity and copyright ownership of the assets. Experience Manager Assets supports text to be used as a watermark on PNG and JPEG files.
To be able to apply watermark on assets, add the watermarking step in the DAM Update Asset workflow.
  1. Access the Experience Manager user interface, and go to Tools > Workflow > Models .
  2. From the Workflow Models page, select the DAM Update Asset workflow and click Edit .
  3. From the side panel, drag the Add Watermark step to the DAM Update Asset workflow.
    2 Figure: Drag the Add Watermark step and add to the DAM Update Asset workflow.
    Place the Add Watermark step anywhere before the Process Thumbnail step.
  4. Open the Add Watermark step to display its properties.
  5. In the Arguments tab, specify valid values in the various fields, including text, font type, size, color, position, orientation, and so on. To confirm the changes, click Done .
    Figure: Provide the arguments in the add watermark step in Assets.
  6. Save the DAM Update Asset workflow with the watermark step.
  7. From the Assets user interface, upload a sample asset. The watermark appears with the font size, color and so on, at the position you configured in the above steps.
To watermark PDF documents programmatically or with dynamic information, consider using Experience Manager Document Services offering.