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Keyboard Shortcuts when Editing Pages

Various keyboard shortcuts are available throughout AEM. Some apply when editing pages, others to the use of consoles .
In the following tables, for the key combinations in the Shortcut column, both Ctrl and Command keys work on macOS.
Multi-select on a desktop device:
  • Windows: Ctrl+click on required components.
  • Mac: Cmd+click on required components.

Editing Keyboard Shortcuts

Location Shortcut Description
Edit Mode Ctrl-z Undo last change.
Ctrl-y Redo last change.
Shift-Click Select multiple paragraphs.
Ctrl-Click Select multiple paragraphs.
Ctrl-C Copy selected paragraph(s).
Ctrl-X Cut selected paragraph(s). Note: The cut paragraph will not disappear until it has been pasted to the new location.
Ctrl-V Paste paragraph(s) from clipboard.
Alt-Ctrl-V Paste as reference.
Super-Del (fn-delete) Delete selected paragraph(s).
Cmd-Backspace Delete selected paragraph(s).
Alt-right-click Force default (browser) context menu. Note: AEM context menus only occur in the classic UI.
Ctrl-Alt-c Shows the client context .
Rich Text Editor Ctrl-B Bold
Ctrl-I Italic
Ctrl-U Underline
Content Finder - Search box down-arrow Trigger a suggestions list. Needed when too few characters have been entered to trigger the list automatically (this happens when 2 or more characters have been entered).
right-arrow (on a suggested path) Select item and trigger suggestions for the selected path.
left-arrow (on a suggested path) Select item and trigger suggestions for its ancestors (as in siblings of parent).
Enter (on a suggested path) Select item and trigger search.
Esc Close suggestions layer.
Content Finder Alt+drag
Drag assets, drop on destination.
The drop action produces a new paragraph; instead of replacing the asset in the destination.
Various keyboard shortcuts are also available for desktop users when using the consoles .

Keyboard Shortcuts for Development

Additional keyboard shortcuts are available for desktop developers when using the page editor.
Location Shortcut Description
Edit mode Set the following suffix in the URL: ?debugClientLibs=true Then use: Ctrl-Shift-U To see timing statistics for page loading.