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Asset Sourcing overview

Asset Sourcing
allows AEM users (administrators/non-admin users) to create new folders with an additional
Asset Contribution
property, ensuring the new folder created open to asset submission by Brand Portal users. This automatically triggers a workflow which creates two additional sub folders, called
, within the newly created
folder. The AEM Administrator then defines the requirement by uploading a brief about the types of assets that should be added to the contribution folder, as well as a set of baseline assets, to the
folder to ensure BP users have the reference information they need. The administrator can then grant active Brand Portal users access to the contribution folder before publishing the newly created
folder to Brand Portal. Once the user is finished adding content in the
folder, they can publish the contribution folder back to the AEM author environment. Please note that it may take a few minutes to complete the import and reflect the newly published content within AEM Assets.
Additionally, all existing functionality remains unchanged. Brand Portal users can view, search, and download assets from the contribution folder as well as from the other permitted folders. And administrators can further share the contribution folder, modify properties and add assets to collections.

Asset Sourcing in Brand Portal is supported on AEM and above.
The feature is not supported in the earlier versions - AEM 6.3 and AEM 6.4.
Contact Adobe support to upgrade your AEM instance to the latest supported AEM version.