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Upload Brand Portal users list

AEM administrators can upload the Brand Portal user configuration (.csv) file containing active Brand Portal user list in AEM Assets. A contribution folder can only be shared with the active Brand Portal users defined in the user list. Administrator can also add new users in the configuration file and upload the modified user list.
Administrator can add new users in AEM Admin Console, see Manage Users for detailed information. After adding users in Admin Console, these users can be added to the Brand Portal user configuration file and then assigned permission to access the contribution folder.
To upload Brand Portal users list:
  1. Login to your AEM author instance Default URL: http:// localhost:4502/aem/start.html
  2. From
    panel, navigate to
    Assets > Brand Portal Users
  3. Brand Portal Upload Contributors window opens. Browse from your local machine and upload
    configuration (.csv) file
    containing the active Brand Portal users list.
  4. Click
Administrators can provide access to specific users/groups from this user list while configuring the contribution folder.
For more information, see Configure contribution folder .