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Publish contribution folder to Brand Portal

Once the contribution folder is configured , AEM user (administrator/non-admin user) can publish the contribution folder from AEM Assets to Brand Portal. Brand Portal users/groups having permission to access the contribution folder will receive an email/pulse notification at the completion of the publish action.
To publish contribution folder:
  1. Login to your AEM author instance. Default URL: http:// localhost:4502/aem/start.html
  2. Navigate to
    Assets > Files
    and locate the contribution folder in which you want to publish to Brand Portal.
  3. Select contribution folder and click
    Quick Publish > Publish to Brand Portal
    . You will receive a success message once the contribution folder is published to Brand Portal.
An email/pulse notification is sent to the Brand Portal users/groups assigned to the contribution folder. The Brand Portal users can access the contribution folder and begin contribution. See, Upload assets to Contribution folder .