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Publish contribution folder to AEM Assets

Brand Portal users can publish the contribution folder to AEM Assets without needing access to the AEM author instance.
Ensure that you have gone through the asset requirements and upload the newly created assets in
folder within the contribution folder. See, Upload assets to contribution folder .
To publish contribution folder:
  1. Login to your Brand Portal instance.
  2. Select contribution folder from the Brand Portal dashboard.
  3. Click
    Publish to AEM
An email/pulse notification is sent to the Brand Portal and AEM, administrator and user at various stages of the publishing workflow:
  1. Queued
    - When publishing workflow triggers in Brand Portal, contribution folder is published from Brand Portal to AEM.
  2. In-Progress
    - When AEM Assets begin importing the contribution folder.
  3. Complete
    - When publish action is complete, contribution folder is successfully imported to AEM Assets.